Considering LISTSERV® Software vs Freeware for Your Email Communications?

See How These Three Solutions Stack Up and Find Your Best Fit

Planning to manage your email lists on-premises? The LISTSERV® platform provides options for any need in a reliable, flexible and secure solution with more than 35 years of worldwide use by organizations of all types. Keep your audiences engaged with discussion groups, email newsletters, announcements and more.

"LISTSERV software helps my organization because it's stable, secure, familiar and well supported. The one piece of server software that I don't have to worry about."

– Adrianne Schutt

LISTSERV Software vs Freeware

Key LISTSERV Advantages


Deployment Flexibility

Configure your LISTSERV site to meet your organization's exact needs. The software can be installed on a range of Windows- and Unix-based operating systems. A hosted cloud service is also available with easy migration between the on-premises and cloud options.


Technical Support

Relax in knowing that L-Soft's expert technical support team is always there to help you with your challenges, no matter how complex. Installation assistance, training and consulting is also available throughout the implementation cycle.


Comprehensive Feature Set

Create and manage all types of email lists, including discussion groups and announcement lists with eye-catching newsletter templates. The Maestro email marketing add-on provides access to in-depth tracking, reporting and analytics.


Enterprise-Level Performance

Rest assured that you'll have the power to create any number of lists with any number of subscribers as your operations grow. Your messages will be delivered easily and smoothly, without bogging down your system, regardless of the size of your lists.


Security and Deliverability

Trust that your software and data will be protected at all times. Your email lists can be open to all or closed and confidential. The built-in virus protection keeps your lists clean, while the deliverability and authentication features ensure that your messages reach their destinations.

Email List Software Comparison: LISTSERV®, GNU Mailman, and Sympa

LISTSERV® GNU Mailman Sympa
Platforms Supported

Windows, Unix/Linux




Proprietary software license, either annual or perpetual, with unlimited email lists

The GNU General Public License, free and open-source software

The GNU General Public License, free and open-source software

Technical Support

Dedicated support provided by experienced IT engineers

Installation assistance and consulting services available

Developer and user communities

Developer and user communities

Cloud Option

Also available as a hosted cloud service

No hosted cloud solution available

No hosted cloud solution available

User Resources

Online documentation, video tutorials, tech tips, newsletter, user forums

Online documentation

Online documentation

See the LISTSERV demo to experience the power and capabilities first-hand.

"The L-Soft products are cost-effective and easy to use. They empower users and owners to efficiently share and receive information through ongoing discussion, alerts and newsletters."

– Nicole Ambrose, United Way

LISTSERV Software vs Freeware

A Word About "Freeware"

Times have changed, drastically so, in recent years. Although budgets may be tighter and IT staff not as plentiful, it's important to keep in mind that freeware is never free. While there are solutions that are touted to be "free" – primarily GNU Mailman and Sympa – in fact, using these solutions is more expensive than it used to be. Computer costs are never zero. User support costs are never zero. Person-hours to manage and upgrade applications are certainly never zero.

Simply put, LISTSERV has earned a strong reputation for its 35+ years of reliability, flexibility, quality and security. Get in touch to learn more and find your organization's best fit.

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