New in LISTSERV 15.0

Note: LISTSERV 15.0 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

LISTSERV 15.0 Highlights

Enhanced Web Interface
The redesigned Web interface provides a sleek, modern look, improved usability and easier navigation.

Server Administrator Dashboard
The Server Administrator Dashboard displays status information about the site, including availability of upgrades, technical support and license and maintenance expiration alerts.

List Owner Dashboard
The List Owner Dashboard provides at-a-glance information about your lists, including a customizable list report and information about messages awaiting moderation.

Site Configuration Wizard
The site configuration wizard allows administrators to make site configuration changes on the fly directly through the Web interface.

Personal Preferences
Users can set persistent personal preferences to control the appearance and default settings of the Web interface, including expertise level (expert, basic, tutorial), preferred start page, navigation style and report and archive preferences.

Improved List Creation Wizard
The improved list creation wizard enables quick and easy creation of email lists without the need to learn complicated list configuration keywords.

Improved Web Archives
The improved Web archives now display and fully support HTML and multi-part messages, including easy access to attachments. Easy deletion of messages is also possible through the Web interface.

Edit Mode
The new Edit Mode feature allows for easy customization of the Web interface by a simple click-and-change process.

RSS Support
LISTSERV supports RSS feeds, enabling users to view messages using an RSS reader.

Integration with LISTSERV Maestro
The Web interface has been developed to integrate with LISTSERV Maestro, providing a common login mechanism and allowing free flow from one to the other.

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