New in LISTSERV 14.3

Note: LISTSERV 14.3 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

With this release, L-Soft is aligning LISTSERV's version numbering with the rest of the email industry. There have been 48 released versions of LISTSERV since 1986, including 14 major upgrades. Version 1.8e in the previous numbering system corresponds to 14.0. This update is version 14.3.

Spam Control Enhancements

Third-Party Spam Filter Compatibility
LISTSERV can now be connected to third-party spam filters, such as SpamAssassin, which can scan all messages processed by LISTSERV.

Masking of Email Addresses
Sender email addresses are now masked in the Web archives unless the user is logged on. This safeguard reduces the risk of email address harvesting by spammers.

Confirmation of Non-Member Messages
List owners can now require that non-subscribers confirm their messages while allowing subscribers to post without confirmation, reducing spam to lists that are open to the public.

Confirmation of -request messages
All messages sent to -request addresses now require confirmation from the sender before being passed on, reducing the amount of spam sent to list owners.

Usability Enhancements

Improved Internationalization and Customization
With the introduction of 72 new message templates, LISTSERV 14.3 allows a much finer degree of customization and translation of system and confirmation messages.

Web Interface Accessibility
The Web interface has been reviewed and modified to follow accessibility guidelines recommended by W3C. In addition, three new user-selected display schemes have been introduced for improved accessibility.

Better Protection from Mail-Bombing and DoS Attacks
It is now possible to serve off problem users and drop further messages from them rather than have them bounced to the postmaster, which can be invaluable if responding to mail-bombing or other Denial-of-Service attacks.

Enhanced Performance
LISTSERV 14.3 includes significant performance enhancements to the Web interface, in particular the Subscriber's Corner, for sites with thousands of lists.

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