ListPlex Maestro Service Options and Pricing

Service Options and Pricing

L-Soft's solutions are tailored to your individual needs. For more detailed pricing information, or to request prices in your currency, please contact us so that our sales team can help you determine the optimal email marketing solution and its corresponding price.

ListPlex Maestro Pricing

There is a one-time setup fee. The recurring charges consist of an annual service charge for the ListPlex Maestro node itself, an additional annual service charge for each ListPlex Maestro list and delivery charges based on the number of attempted deliveries.

The ListPlex Maestro service includes technical support and our integrated F-Secure Anti-Virus system, which protects your email lists from harmful computer viruses.


One-Time Setup Fee


ListPlex Maestro


Annual Service Charge


ListPlex Maestro

$1,000/node + $250/list
$1,000/node + $2,500 for unlimited lists

ListPlex Maestro with Data Hosting

$1,500/node + $250/list
$1,500/node + $2,500 for unlimited lists

Quarterly Delivery Charges

Price / 1000 Attempted Deliveries

ListPlex Maestro


The prices are in U.S. Dollars and are valid only in the United States and Canada. For prices in other countries, please contact our sales department. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please see the Terms of Use for important information about the terms and conditions related to using L-Soft's hosting services.

L-Soft Sales

L-Soft Sales


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