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ListPlex Maestro is an enterprise email marketing and analytics solution. It's available as an on-premise software installation or as a hosted cloud service, with flexible settings and the capability to integrate the system with your existing customer databases.

ListPlex Maestro
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1. Campaign Management

The dashboard is your hub for managing all of your email marketing campaigns. All mail jobs, subscriber lists and reports are available for quick and easy access. You can easily see the jobs that are due next, making it quick to locate jobs that require attention and to set priorities. Real-time tracking reports are available directly on the dashboard, giving you immediate access to your most important email metrics.

ListPlex Maestro Dashboard

2. Job Workflow

The workflow serves as a visual guide of the job development process. You can view the status of the steps involved and the proper sequence to complete them.

ListPlex Maestro Workflow

3. Team Collaboration

ListPlex Maestro is a multi-user system. The team collaboration feature allows you and your colleagues to work on a campaign at the same time. It's easy for administrators to grant permissions and divide tasks among team members.

ListPlex Maestro Team Collaboration

4. Subscriber Warehouse

ListPlex Maestro works with your infrastructure and can connect to most existing database systems, including Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server and MySQL. Or you can use the convenient built-in subscriber warehouse, which allows you to get started quickly and easily. You can also import subscribers directly from spreadsheet files. All profile fields are created automatically based on the subscriber data in the file.

ListPlex Maestro Subscriber Statistics

You can easily create a varity of demographic reports of your subscribers and define target groups based on the subscriber profile data.

ListPlex Maestro Subscriber Demographics

A target group wizard allows you to create more complex target groups by making easy point-and-click or pull-down menu choices, without any need for complicated SQL coding.

ListPlex Maestro Target Groups

5. Content Development

You can take advantage of the ready-to-use HTML templates and create professional and responsive newsletters that adapt to screens of any size. All announcement and newsletter templates can be customized for your needs without the need for HTML coding.

ListPlex Maestro Announcement Templates
ListPlex Maestro Newsletter Templates

ListPlex Maestro supports full personalization and conditional logic, enabling easy creation of custom content blocks. This allows you to create totally customized messages based on each subscriber's profile and preferences. ListPlex Maestro also includes an integrated content editor for easy creation of responsive HTML newsletters and messages, including options to clone, delete and make design adjustments to email template components.

ListPlex Maestro Content Design

6. Tracking Definition

ListPlex Maestro supports open-up, click-through, forward-to-a-friend, social media and conversion tracking, allowing you to assess the success of your campaigns and even follow subscribers' page visits after they have clicked through to the target website.

ListPlex Maestro Social Media Sharing

You have the option to choose the level of tracking that you want to use for each campaign. ListPlex Maestro supports four levels of tracking: personal, anonymous, unique and blind. Each level collects a different degree of personally identifiable data about subscribers, thus ensuring different levels of privacy.

ListPlex Maestro Tracking Levels

The system contains a built-in way to obtain permission for personal tracking from subscribers. This allows you to send a mailing to a mixed group of recipients and gather personal tracking information from those who have given permission and non-identifiable, unique tracking information from those who haven't.

7. Delivery Settings

You can schedule the delivery of a job immediately upon approval or for any date and time in any time zone without having to be present at the time of delivery. You can also send automatic follow-up messages to recipients who opened, ignored or clicked on a specific link in a previous email message, enabling you to create sophisticated drip marketing campaigns.

ListPlex Maestro Delivery Scheduling

8. Reporting and Analytics

ListPlex Maestro automatically creates a variety of reports to help you analyze the success of your campaigns and highlight areas for improvement. Beyond simple open-up, click-though, bounce and social media sharing reports, you can create virtually any type of custom report or compare the results of two or more jobs.

ListPlex Maestro Overview Report

The multidimensional tracking and delivery reports can show average rates per month, week, day, or even day of the week or hour of the day, allowing you to pinpoint optimal delivery times to reach your subscribers.

ListPlex Maestro Multidimensional Analytics

Most tracking reports can be downloaded as PDF documents for easy sharing or as ready-made spreadsheet documents with included charts and diagrams for further statistical analysis. You can even sign up to have your tracking reports automatically emailed to you at regular intervals.

ListPlex Maestro Tracking Details

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