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Upcoming Events: L-Soft Training Seminars

L-Soft invites you to learn more about our software solutions by taking advantage of our product training seminars. These sessions feature the newest releases of our LISTSERV® Maestro, LISTSERV® and LSMTP® software products.

Training seminars are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of L-Soft's products and guidance on optimal performance strategies. The seminars will be held at our Landover, MD, office in February, May, August and October of 2003. Hardware will be provided for each attendee. L-Soft also offers custom on-site training, where our technical instructors travel to a location of a customer's choice to provide training and consulting services. This type of training allows you to more effectively implement, utilize and support our products in your own environment.

One successful training and consulting example was a three-day on-site visit to a customer in the health care segment. This customer sends a series of subscription newsletters about women's health care to audiences in different regions of the country.

Our trainer spent one day installing and configuring LISTSERV® and LSMTP® at the customer's computer center, including development and testing of Web-based list subscription forms, and migration of existing subscriber data to LISTSERV®. The following two days were spent training the people responsible for list management and the preparation of these newsletters. Other people who attended the training were key members of the customer's technical staff who handle ongoing maintenance and operations of the servers, LISTSERV® and LSMTP®.

The seminar provided hands-on practice in proper usage and procedures as well as information about diagnosis and problem solving typically associated with any medium to high-volume e-mail message distribution endeavor. The benefits of trouble-free professional installation of L-Soft's products were demonstrated during the session and followed by immediate practical training for day-to-day users. The training was important because it allowed for a smooth transition of the customer's consumer education effort and immediate growth in the subscriber base.

For more information about our training services, please visit the L-Soft training page or call us at 1-800-399-5449 and ask for sales.

You can use this registration form to sign up for training classes. If you sign up for one of our 2003 Landover training seminars before January 24, 2003, we will give you a 15 percent discount off the price.

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