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Q: What are some of the improved reports in LISTSERV Maestro 6.0?

One of the main areas of improvement in LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 is the reports. Most of the tracking reports have been modernized and the process of generating custom reports has been streamlined for improved usability, allowing senders to easily evaluate the success of multiple jobs. LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 also offers a number of built-in reports that are automatically generated and can be accessed by simply clicking the appropriate tabs.

To access the automatically generated reports, simply select a completed job (with tracking, of course) and click the "Overview Report" tab.

This gives you a quick pie chart of unique events and a summary line graph of all the events (including multiple opens and clicks) over a period of time. The default timeline is one week. If you want more detail, you can click the "Details Report" tab.

Here you can click on individual bars for each tracked link for more details. You can use the "Legend" to de-select unwanted or low-count links so that you can concentrate on the more active links.

You can also zero in on a specific date and time by moving the mouse pointer over the line graph.

Building a multi-job report is also easy and again starts with selecting the jobs that you want to include. Once the jobs are selected, right click and select "Create Combined Report on all Selected Jobs".

You are then presented with several choices for what data to include and how to group the items.

Click on "Show Report" and the full report is displayed.

You can uncheck any data sources that you want to omit from the report and change the display order from ascending to descending or chronological order by clicking on the "Active Recipients" column header. Once you are done, click the "Save Report" button. You can also download the report in any of several ways. Simply click the "Edit" menu and select either PDF, spreadsheet or CSV.

Once the report has been saved, you can rename it to something more meaningful, add new data sources, change the results period and share the report with others through the team collaboration feature.

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