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L-Soft to Recognize Top E-Mail Lists

L-Soft's 10th Anniversary LISTSERV Choice Awards continue. The category winners so far include:

Educational List Award: LM_Net
Newsletter Award: Germnews
Philanthropic List Award: Charitytalk

The deadline for the next category, the Announcement List Award, is September 15, 2004. This award recognizes the effective usage of LISTSERV one-way announcement lists. All types of lists with announcements, alerts, advisories and releases are eligible. The Technical Innovation and E-Mail Marketing Award categories are also open for nominations. Everyone who nominates a list and submits a valid, completed application form to L-Soft will receive a small L-Soft 10th Anniversary memory item.

German News E-Mail Newsletter Wins Newsletter Award


German News, the non-profit daily e-mail newsletter that aims to keep Germans abroad up-to-date with current events and politics in Germany, won the second category of L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards, the Newsletter Award. The newsletter, which was initially created to inform three German friends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about the news items going on at home, currently has more than 5,000 subscribers in as many as 90 countries.
Press Release

Charitytalk Discussion List Wins Philanthropic List Award


Charitytalk is the heart and soul of the CharityChannel nonprofit-sector professional community. Although the list itself is of relatively modest size (about 700 subscribers), it has spawned more than 200 public and private lists serving an online community of more than 150,000 nonprofit-sector professionals on every continent of the world. This incredible reach contributed to its choice as winner of the Philanthropic List Award.

Tech Tip

Q. Why is it important to use LISTSERV's integrated virus protection? Isn't it enough to have an anti-virus solution on the SMTP server or on the server where LISTSERV is running?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP of Software Engineering, L-Soft

The cost incurred by a virus sent through a mailing list is far greater than just the cost of cleaning up the virus on the organization's servers and workstations. A virus spread through a list damages an organization's reputation by undermining subscriber confidence. To date, LISTSERV is the only list management software that has integrated virus protection. It is important for several reasons to have virus protection that is integrated rather than merely co-existent.


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ASAE Endorses LISTSERV as New Member Benefit


The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) has endorsed L-Soft's e-mail list solutions as a new member benefit. ASAE members can now effectively manage their discussion groups, newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns with LISTSERV, the de facto standard for e-mail list management software.
Press Release

L-Soft Releases Upgraded LISTSERV Maestro 1.2-6

L-Soft announced the release of LISTSERV Maestro 1.2-6, an upgraded version of the company's e-mail marketing software that manages and tracks opt-in e-mail campaigns. The improvements include new content definition and administration features.
Release Notes

LISTSERV at Work Quiz

Participate in the "LISTSERV at Work" Quiz. The first 25 subscribers to answer all questions correctly will win an L-Soft CD/DVD opener each. In addition, all subscribers who answer all questions correctly by August 16 will enroll in a raffle of L-Soft t-shirts.

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Success Story: AdInfonitum

Adinfonitum Interactive Marketing provides market-leading online marketing tools and services that enable marketers to build true marketing databases, deploy, track, measure and evaluate online campaigns, and build actionable marketing profile data on customers. For several years, Adinfonitum has used L-Soft's LISTSERV High Performance Option e-mail management software as well as LSMTP mail delivery software to create email messages that are highly personalized with information from the company's powerful backend database.

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Next Public Training Scheduled for October

L-Soft will host the next public training sessions October 25-29, 2004, at its Landover, MD, facilities. For more information about the classes offered and a list of the schedule, see the training page or e-mail

L-Soft Resources

L-Soft has released the following white papers:

Orchestrating a Symphony of E-Mail with LISTSERV Maestro (PDF)

Mail Deliverability Issues (PDF)

The first white paper uses a musical theme as an analogy to explain how LISTSERV Maestro works. LISTSERV Maestro acts as the conductor. The musicians are the people who take direction from the conductor to produce the messages. The instruments are the different parts of the hardware and software that are used by the musicians to blend all the pieces together.

The second white paper talks about e-mail deliverability issues. It outlines a series of recommended good practices that promote success in getting your e-mail delivered. These practices are divided into responsibilities of the sender, recipient and service provider.

Quote of the Issue

"We use LISTSERV because of its strong capability of allowing us to create complex scripts with branching logic. We use LSMTP because it is fast as hell. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences with L-Soft software and people."

Kurt Dicus
Managing Partner

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