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Warm Thanks and Holiday Wishes
L-Soft Direct Introduced
Coming in 2009: The Email List Guru

A Glimpse at Upcoming Product Releases
LISTSERV Choice Awards Update

Warm Thanks and Holiday Wishes

Season's Greetings from L-Soft

L-Soft Direct Introduced: Reseller
Pricing Now Available for Customers

L-Soft now provides a new direct order service, L-Soft Direct, which is tailored toward customers who are willing to forgo traditional value-added account management servicing and pre-sales consultations from L-Soft in exchange for reseller pricing and a perk reward (in most cases, a license upgrade).


Coming in 2009: The Email List Guru

Coming in 2009: The Email List Guru

Beginning in the new year, keep an eye out for a new column in LISTSERV at Work: Ask the Email List Guru, designed to bring vision and wisdom (with the power of the crystal ball) to everyday challenges of email list communication and email marketing. Post your questions and the guru will respond to the most intriguing topics in the next issue.



Q: How can I maintain a dynamic list of people authorized to manage or post to multiple lists?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

When managing a single list, maintaining access permissions is as simple as including the list of authorized addresses in the list header. But when managing many lists with a common set of owners or editors, manually maintaining each list header individually may not be practical. Fortunately, there are at least three different ways to save time and simplify the task with LISTSERV.


L-Soft Discusses Mobile Email

The Who, a famous British rock band, sang about Going Mobile in 1971. If going mobile on wheels was the tune back then, what does it mean now? L-Soft's Lars Nordstrom presented the challenges and opportunities of Going Mobile with E-mail at the Internet Marketing Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, in November.


Let Us Know What You Think

Now, at the brink of the New Year, L-Soft asks for your feedback on the LISTSERV at Work newsletter. We have some exciting new ideas in the works and need the perspective of our valued subscribers. What are your favorite and least favorite features? Do you have ideas for new content areas? We welcome you to send us any feedback to:

A Glimpse at Upcoming LISTSERV,
LISTSERV Maestro Product Releases

A Glimpse at Upcoming LISTSERV, LISTSERV Maestro Product Releases

New versions of LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro will be ready for release in the next few months. The highlights of the new LISTSERV include UTF-8 support and an improved message posting interface with an integrated HTML editor, a template management system and new testing and spam checking features. LISTSERV Maestro will feature a new tracking permission system, action tracking, demographic reporting, improved system metrics and support for external event triggers.

Customers who are interested in beta testing, please contact:


LISTSERV Choice Awards Update

The 2008-09 LISTSERV Choice Awards, which opened October 1, are in full swing. Thanks to all who have submitted nominations so far.

LISTSERV Choice Awards

There are six nominated lists at this time, representing a diverse range of topics and each with a dedicated membership. World Wide Words currently leads in the public voting. We invite you to learn more about the awards, nominate a list, find out more about the nominees and cast your vote today. All nominators providing a postal mailing address will receive a small L-Soft promo item and will be entered into the LISTSERV 20th anniversary t-shirt drawing.


LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip

Q: How Can I Use Conditional Blocks to Deliver Customized Messages to Subscribers?

Answer by Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

A user of LISTSERV Maestro has a need to deliver customized notification emails to subscribers based on data fields they indicated interest in when subscribing to the list. The notification emails report lottery winning numbers, but there are 5 possible games and not everyone participates in all 5 games. The desire is to send out one daily notification email with only the winning numbers for the games specified by each recipient. By using the conditional blocks feature in the message content, it is possible to do this all in one email message and with only one mailing job.


LISTSERV at Work - Quickpoll

Which of the following will be the highest priority for your email list communication in 2009?

Data Analysis

Segmentation and Targeting

HTML Rendering

Email Deliverability

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