Issue 3, 2015
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In this issue, you'll see how channeling your inner child can make you a better email marketer. You'll also get to know L-Soft's Liam Kelly, who shares his experiences from 17 years of helping LISTSERV customers. The tech tips focus on using LISTSERV with Exchange Online and using LISTSERV Maestro in a high-availability environment.

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Channel Your Inner Child; Become a Better Email Marketer
By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communications, L-Soft
Inner Child
It's probably safe to say that there aren't many actual children running email marketing campaigns. But thinking like a child – that mostly good kid before those trying tween and teen years – can help ground, inspire and energize our email marketing efforts.
Here are seven simple tips that will help inject a fresh, youthful perspective into our email marketing methods and mindset.

Views from the Frontlines:
Interview with Liam Kelly, L-Soft's Senior Consulting Analyst
By L-Soft Staff
Liam Kelly
In this interview, Liam Kelly shares his thoughts about helping customers use LISTSERV more effectively for the past 17 years as part of L-Soft's staff.
"I want to teach people to do more with our products while expending less effort. That thing that you spend 10 minutes doing manually every morning? Spend two hours and learn how to automate it once. That's the investment in training and consulting services as I see it."

Email Lists Help NeighborImpact Deliver Shelter, Food, Hope, Opportunity
By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communications, L-Soft
Founded in 1985, NeighborImpact changes lives by helping families access skills for success, family services, financial assistance, food, housing, heat and energy assistance. Dedicated to empowering individuals and families to become engaged citizens in the community, this Central Oregon-based not-for-profit organization uses one-way announcement lists to reach clients, staff, donors, board members and partners.

How can I use LISTSERV with the Exchange Online cloud service?
By Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

Many of our Windows customers are migrating their office software to third-party cloud vendors like Microsoft's Office 365 or Google Apps. When they do this, their local Exchange server also migrates to the Exchange Online cloud, and there is no longer a local mail server that can be used by LISTSERV for sending out email. This tech tip looks at how to authenticate your outgoing email so that it's accepted by Exchange Online.

LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip
How can I use LISTSERV Maestro in a high-availability environment?
Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

High availability or disaster recovery is a common concern for LISTSERV Maestro customers designing their network architectures. The idea of high availability is to minimize downtime in the event of a network or server outage by having a failover server available to take over for the primary server. In this tech tip, we'll look at different ways to use LISTSERV Maestro in a high-availability context.

What Does LISTSERV Mean to You?
UMD Career and Internship Fair Attendees Respond; Now It's Your Turn
By Theresa Sintetos
Social Media Specialist, L-Soft
Two weeks ago, L-Soft staff invaded the University of Maryland Career and Internship Fair, armed with postcards, pens, t-shirts and bags while on a recruiting mission. Over the course of the two-day fair, L-Soft team members asked visitors the simple question, "What does LISTSERV mean to you?" Attendees wrote their answers on orange sticky notes, which were displayed on the L-Soft exhibit panels. A total of 147 participants shared their responses. It was clear that millennials appreciate email as the powerful communication channel that it is.

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