Issue 3, 2014

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In this issue, we'll introduce you to The Mailys 2013-14 Grand Prize Winner FundSvcs and share the story of this exceptional email list for the advancement services profession. You can also discover how JISCMail, a major UK non-profit organization, relies on ListPlex hosting for its 9000 lists with some 1.38 million subscribers. The tech tips in this issue cover super-lists in LISTSERV and report improvements in LISTSERV Maestro.


Table of Contents

FundSvcs Wins Grand Prize in The Mailys
JISCMail Powers UK Education with ListPlex
Complying with Canada's New Anti-Spam Law
LISTSERV Tech Tip: Reviewing Super-Lists
LISTSERV Maestro Tech Tip: Generating Reports
L-Soft is Hiring: New Positions at Bethesda Office
See LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 in Action

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FundSvcs Wins Grand Prize in The Mailys 2013-14

FundSvcs Wins Grand Prize

John H. Taylor (right), FundSvcs Founder and List Owner, receives The Mailys Grand Prize certificate from L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas at L-Soft's U.S. headquarters in Bethesda, MD.

L-Soft is happy to announce that FundSvcs, a discussion list that connects more than 3,500 advancement services professionals worldwide, has won the Grand Prize in the LISTSERV Choice Awards The Mailys 2013-14.

"FundSvcs has been a labor of love for me ever since I conceived it back in the mid-1990s. I am passionate about the work that advancement services professionals do, hence the creation of the email list and the Association of Advancement Services Professionals. It gives me great pleasure to accept this award on behalf of all that we have done, do, and will be accomplishing in the future," said John H. Taylor, FundSvcs Founder and List Administrator.

Congratulations to FundSvcs, the other finalists and all of the nominated lists. Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted in the award program.



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Case Study: JISCMail Powers UK Education and Research Community with ListPlex, L-Soft's LISTSERV Cloud Hosting Service


When it comes to enabling people in UK education and research to engage, connect, collaborate, discuss, share and champion their work, JISCMail is a leader. The JISCMail email list service is funded by Jisc and is a foremost organization dedicated to the research and education community. The JISCMail email lists run on ListPlex, L-Soft's LISTSERV cloud hosting service, and are used by scores of researchers and educators in the UK as well as for Jisc and Jisc-funded project communications.


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Three Simple Tips to Comply with Canada's New Anti-Spam Law

If you work with email marketing, you may have heard of CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation), which went into effect July 1, 2014. This new anti-spam law applies not only to Canadian organizations and companies but to anyone sending commercial email to Canadian subscribers. Failure to comply with CASL comes with stiff penalties. Here are three simple tips to help you comply with CASL and other similar anti-spam laws.


Canada's New Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

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How can I view the recipients of LISTSERV super-lists?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

The LISTSERV super-list/sub-list mechanism is a feature that allows a sender to post a message to a single super-list and have that message distributed to the subscribers of multiple sub-lists without the message being flagged by LISTSERV as probable spam due to excessive cross-posting. The sub-list feature is also the mechanism employed by LISTSERV Dynamic Query Lists (DQL) to address recipients stored in a database or LDAP directory.


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What are some of the improved reports in LISTSERV Maestro 6.0?

Answer by Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

One of the main areas of improvement in LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 is the reports. Most of the tracking reports have been modernized and the process of generating custom reports has been streamlined for improved usability, allowing senders to easily evaluate the success of multiple jobs. LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 also offers a number of built-in reports that are automatically generated and can be accessed by simply clicking the appropriate tabs.


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L-Soft is Hiring: New Positions Open at Bethesda Office

L-Soft is Hiring in Bethesda

Interested in working with us? L-Soft recently moved to a new U.S. headquarters office location in Bethesda, MD, and is now hiring for several positions. We provide excellent benefits and a progressive, high-energy work environment. Current openings include Pre-Sales Engineer, Support Engineer and Sales Associate.


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See LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 in Action

Did you miss the news about LISTSERV Maestro 6.0, the latest release of L-Soft's opt-in email marketing and analytics solution? Check out the new LISTSERV Maestro demo and see how easily you can engage your subscribers with targeted campaigns and measure your success with real-time reporting and analytics.



LISTSERV Maestro Demo

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