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LISTSERV Anniversary Quiz
LISTSERV, Maestro Tech Tips
Success Story: AEGEE

Demands of Authentication, Deliverability
Lactnet Wins Grand Prize in Choice Awards
Women, the Internet, and Email Lists

LISTSERV Anniversary Quiz:
Chance to Win LISTSERV T-Shirt

LISTSERV Anniversary Quiz

L-Soft celebrates LISTSERV's anniversary with this quiz for all subscribers of our LISTSERV at Work newsletter. In order to participate, you only need to answer three questions correctly and submit your answers no later than November 20, 2006. From the entries with the correct answers, we will draw 20 winners who will receive an exclusive LISTSERV anniversary t-shirt.

Tech Tip

Q: How can I use SPF and DomainKeys to increase LISTSERV's deliverability?

Answer by Liam Kelly
Senior Consulting Analyst, L-Soft

As anti-spam and anti-phishing filters tighten, deliverability has increasingly become an issue for mailing list administrators. Fortunately, there are steps that administrators can take to authenticate and protect their organizational identities. Once the email is authenticated and the source verified, then recipients can better determine whether the source is trusted or not.

The two most common tools for authenticating email are SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DomainKeys. This Tech Tip will discuss the usage of LISTSERV with each.

Tech Tip

Q: Can LISTSERV Maestro use DomainKeys to authenticate outgoing email messages?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP Software Engineering, L-Soft

The DomainKeys support available in LISTSERV can also be used by LISTSERV Maestro. First, the LISTSERV site administrator must enable DomainKeys support as described in the LISTSERV Tech Tip. Then, the LISTSERV Maestro administrator must define the DomainKeys settings for LISTSERV Maestro; the administrator may impose DomainKeys usage on Maestro users and groups, or may give them the option to turn DomainKeys on or off for individual messages. DomainKeys signing will only be performed for email addresses for which LISTSERV has been configured. Finally, the job creator must specify a signable email address in the Define Sender step of the LISTSERV Maestro job.

Quote of the Issue

"Smithsonian Institution first installed LISTSERV on VM (Bitnet days) in 1986 and moved to Unix about 4 years ago. LISTSERV has been a steady workhorse and is the easiest software to maintain. Eric Thomas et alia have provided easy, functional GUI interfaces for the list owners and a fast search engine for the archives. LISTSERV is an extremely stable product. The tech support team responds quickly and is very knowledgeable. I could probably expound for hours on how happy we've been with it."

Mignon Erixon-Stanford
Internet Coordinator,
Smithsonian Institution

Today's Email: The Demands of Authentication and Deliverability

The Demands of Authentication and Deliverability

Sending your email with the latest authentication standards will bring you immediate deliverability benefits. Authentication also serves as a step toward open standards for email reputation and certification in the future. This article provides an overview of these key topics, tips on steps all legitimate email communicators need to take and information on how L-Soft software supports authentication and deliverability.

Lactnet Wins Grand Prize
in LISTSERV Choice Awards

L-Soft selected Lactnet as the Grand Prize Winner of the LISTSERV Choice Awards, recognizing the group's extraordinary use of email list technology to create and sustain a thriving virtual community of colleagues, who work together to promote maternal-child health on a

LISTSERV Grand Prize Winner

global scale. Lactnet is an Internet community dedicated to building the knowledge base of breastfeeding educators and other stakeholders. Its members include lactation consultants and others who are involved in various aspects of supporting mothers with breastfeeding.

Women, the Internet, and Email Lists

Increasingly, women are becoming the majority group of Internet users. For the most part, women are using the Internet to expand their natural role as communicators and to find new ways to connect and develop relationships. Email lists are one way that women interact through the Internet.

WorldWIT, the world's largest network of women in business and technology, is run by its founder and CEO Liz Ryan and is an excellent example of how women interact using the Internet. WorldWIT celebrates its 50,000th member in October 2006. L-Soft is proud to support WorldWIT in its mission to connect women with answers. WorldWIT's email discussion lists are powered by LISTSERV®.

Check out "Women, the Internet, and Email Lists," a guest article by Outi Tuomaala, L-Soft's VP of Marketing, in WorldWIT's Thinking Aloud newsletter.

Success Story: AEGEE

AEGEE is one of the biggest inter- disciplinary student associations in Europe. It is represented by


15,000 students, active in 241 academic cities and in 40 countries. AEGEE has been using LISTSERV since 1997. At that time, the Internet was not yet as widely used as it is today, and mailing lists were still quite uncommon among students in Europe. However, the members of AEGEE needed a way to communicate and stay in touch with one another despite their assorted locations.

To browse more client success stories, visit L-Soft's case study page. If you or your company would like to be featured as an L-Soft success story, please contact

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