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L-Soft Releases LISTSERV 14.4
LISTSERV Special Offer
LISTSERV, Maestro Tech Tips

LISTSERV, Maestro Released for Mac OS X
FIBROM-L Wins LISTSERV Discussion Award
Nominate to the LISTSERV Choice Awards

L-Soft Releases LISTSERV 14.4

L-Soft has released LISTSERV 14.4, an upgraded version of our flagship email list management software. New features include embedded mail-merge, which allows LISTSERV to use any high-capacity SMTP server for mail-merge. The feature also makes it easy to integrate LISTSERV with third-party tools for outbound spam prevention or increased deliverability.

Special Limited-Time Offer

Take advantage of our special limited-time offer. Purchase or upgrade to LISTSERV 14.4 with technical support and receive a free perpetual license to LISTSERV Maestro, L-Soft's premium email marketing software that allows you to manage, track and report on your email campaigns. The LISTSERV Maestro license is limited to 15,000 deliveries a month and valued at $1,500.


L-Soft Analyzes EU Email Marketing Legislation in

What implications does the EC Directive on privacy and electronic communications have on email marketing in Europe? Learn more from Mattias Durnik, Global Marketing Analyst at L-Soft, who has published "New Email Marketing Rules in European Union: One Year Later" in With more than 160,000 subscribers, is a leading online marketing publication.

Tech Tip

Q: How can I configure the Microsoft® IIS SMTP Service (SMTPSVC) to deliver mail from LISTSERV?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP of Software Engineering, L-Soft

LISTSERV requires an SMTP server to deliver the mail messages that it generates. While many sites simply configure LISTSERV to forward its mail to their main corporate mail server, some sites prefer to separate their list mail delivery from their "regular" mail. This is done by setting up one or more dedicated SMTP servers solely for LISTSERV's use.

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Tech Tip

Q: How can I organize the subscriber pages in LISTSERV Maestro by subject matter?

Answer by Lars Nordstrom
Sales EMEA, L-Soft

Organizing your datasets in LISTSERV Maestro's Recipient Warehouse is a quick and easy way to put your subscriber pages in order. The lists are presented alphabetically on one page so that the subscriber can easily find the desired list. However, if you want to keep your mailing lists completely separate, the solution can be as simple as creating multiple datasets to house the lists. When you have a large number of lists to choose from, and no reason to limit access to just a select group of subscribers, then consider using categories.

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L-Soft White Papers

L-Soft has released and updated the following white papers:

"Using the Microsoft IIS SMTP Service for LISTSERV Deliveries." (PDF)

"Orchestrating a Symphony of Email with LISTSERV Maestro" (PDF)

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LISTSERV, LISTSERV Maestro Released for Mac OS X

LISTSERV, LISTSERV Maestro Released for Mac OS X

L-Soft is pleased to now offer LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro to users operating in Mac environments. LISTSERV for Mac OS X was released on August 3, and LISTSERV Maestro for Mac OS X debuted on September 8.

FIBROM-L Wins LISTSERV Choice Award for Discussion List

L-Soft has selected the FIBROM-L community as the recipient of the LISTSERV Discussion Award in this year's LISTSERV Choice Awards. Comprising 1,023 people living with fibromyalgia, FIBROM-L uses LISTSERV to provide a vital lifeline to information, support and community for

LISTSERV Discussion Awards

people living with this complex and frequently misunderstood illness, which causes chronic pain and fatigue in addition to neurological, muscular and skeletal problems.

"We call our community a 'FMily' – and we ask that everyone enter in that spirit and treat others the way they would treat their own family. FIBROM-L is here for support and answers for all members, including our team of co-facilitators (moderators). All of the team, including myself, has FMS and other concurrent syndromes. It really helps us connect with the members and be a part of the FMily," said Audrey Liebl, FIBROM-L list owner/co-facilitator.

Submit Your Nominations to the LISTSERV Choice Awards

With the second year of the awards program underway and the LISTSERV Discussion Award winner selected, nominations are open in the three

LISTSERV Choice Awards

remaining categories. We heartily encourage you to submit nominations, either the same lists as last year or different ones, to the 2005-06 LISTSERV Choice Awards.

LISTSERV Choice Awards Categories

LISTSERV Newsletter Award
Deadline: October 1, 2005

LISTSERV Announcement Award
Deadline: December 1, 2005

LISTSERV Innovation Award
Deadline: February 1, 2006

Remember, self-nominations are welcome. Feel free to share this information with other LISTSERV list owners who you think would be interested.

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Quote of the Issue

"I don't think any other company developing list management software has L-Soft's kind of experience, and it shows in the software. The support and the features make LISTSERV well worthwhile. You can't beat 19 years of experience working on the same kind of software for getting a very reliable program with a very comprehensive set of features."

Peter DiCamillo
Lead Systems Programmer
Brown University

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