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Permission Email Is Going Strong at 30 Years, Launched by Double Opt-In Invention in LISTSERV
MarTech Series March 15, 2023


L-Soft Debuts LISTSERV Maestro 10.0: Keep on Email Tracking – The Right Way
MarTech Series September 28, 2021

L-Soft Releases LISTSERV Maestro 10.0
Destination CRM September 28, 2021


The Most Important Invention the Year You Were Born
Reader's Digest December 9, 2020
Kelly Bryant

L-Soft Enhances Its Email Marketing Software
MediaPost, EmailMarketingDaily January 29, 2020
Ray Schultz

New Software Release Makes It Data Privacy Day Every Day
MarTechCube January 28, 2020
Aashish Y

L-Soft Launches LISTSERV Maestro 9.0 Email Marketing Software
Destination CRM January 28, 2020


Les années 1980 : retour sur 10 ans d'innovations
ZDNet.fr September 12, 2019
David Gewirtz

L-Soft Launches An Email List Interface
MediaPost, EmailMarketingDaily August 22, 2019
Ray Schultz


50 years of technology breakthroughs: 1968-2018
ZDNet June 29, 2018
David Gewirtz

Technology that changed us: The 1980s, from MS-DOS to the first GPS satellite
ZDnet May 28, 2018
David Gewirtz

This week in GDPR
MarTech Today May 11, 2018
Robin Kurzer

Just Say No: Listserv Confirmation Email Pioneer Reinvents Self
TechNewsGadget March 30, 2018
Mary Byron


L-Soft Debuts Latest Version of LISTSERV Maestro
MediaPost, EmailMarketingDaily November 8, 2017
Ray Schultz

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became CEO:
Eric Thomas, Inventor of LISTSERV, Founder & CEO, L-Soft
Huffington Post October 10, 2017
Yitzi Weiner


Edes Marissa Mayer ei tykkää Yahoo Mailista: "odotan pääseväni käyttämään taas Gmailia"
Tivi, Sähköposti June 15, 2016
Olli Vänskä


A Great Start
Business Climate – Montgomery County, Maryland Fall 2015
Bea Quirk

The Top 22 B2B Sales Tips For 2015 (From 14 Sales Experts)
Leads 365 Blog September 23, 2015
David Mackey

Experts Speak: Tips for Migrating to the Cloud
Website Magazine September 1, 2015
Allison Howen


Montgomery County's innovative office vacancy incentive program has landed its first tenant
Washington Business Journal May 7, 2014
Daniel J. Sernovitz


Yhä useampi asiakas shoppailee netissä
Sveriges Radio, Sisuradio, City Sisu March 1, 2013
Teresa Ahola, Outi Tuomaala


The Future of Neighborhood Communication
The Kojo Nnamdi Show, Tech Tuesday July 31, 2012
Kojo Nnamdi, Jennifer Golbeck, Maria Thomas, Eric Thomas

Listserv Celebrates 25 Years
HEAnet News Issue No. 9 - Spring 2012
Mike Norris, Marion Gunn


AOL Discontinues LISTSERV Mailing List Service
PC World November 2, 2011
Joab Jackson

Email list software marks 25 years
UB Reporter October 10, 2011
David J. Hill

L-Soft's LISTSERV is 25!
ReadWriteWeb September 9, 2011
David Strom

The Fathers Of Social Media
Salty Waffle June 19, 2011
Mitchell Cuevas

Email Everywhere: 25th Anniversary Of LISTSERV
Fast Company May 18, 2011
Rachel Z. Arndt

2011's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries
Network World, Buzzblog January 12, 2011
Paul McNamara


Plaidoyer pour la réhabilitation des mailing lists: Ringardisée, la bonne vieille liste de diffusion reste indispensable
Slate August 14, 2010
Farhad Manjoo

The Joy of Listservs: One of the Internet's earliest innovations is still one of its best
Slate August 5, 2010
Farhad Manjoo

The Atlantic July 22, 2010
James Fallows

Maybe Listservs Aren't As Dead As I Thought...
Geek Law Blog May 4, 2010
Greg Lambert

When Patients Share Medical Data Online
Time February 8, 2010
Bonnie Rochman


LISTSERV Update Adds Newsletter Gallery System
MacTech December 12, 2009
Dennis Sellers

Timeline: The evolution of online communities
Computerworld July 15, 2009
Matt Lake

Where Do Listservs Fit in a Social Media World?
June 2009
Greg Lambert

LISTSERV Maestro Updated to Version 4.0
MacTech February 26, 2009
Dennis Sellers


Bacn – ditt olästa nyhetsbrev
Internetworld December 8, 2008
Lisa Bjerre

Can You Do a Split?
MarketingProfs September 2008

Prisbelönt e-postlista löser brott
Dataförening, Nyhetsspaning June 30, 2008
Christer Berg

County Police Receive Technology Award
South Bend Tribune June 28, 2008
Erin Blasko


LISTSERV Update Can Connect to LDAP Servers
MacTech November 27, 2007
Dennis Sellers

Getting to "Yes! Yes!": Double Opt-In as a Power Practice
DMNews November 21, 2007
Outi Tuomaala

E-postkungen valde Sverige
Computer Sweden March 26, 2007
Anders Lotsson

Svenskt bolag har tröttnat på skadeståndshärva
Computer Sweden March 9, 2007
Anders Lotsson

Debatt: "Företag måste bygga communities"
Dagens Media February 28, 2007
Outi Tuomaala

There's No Place Like the Social Web
WorldWIT, Thinking Aloud January 29, 2007
Outi Tuomaala

Teknikens under är räddningen
Computer Sweden January 26, 2007
Gunilla Svanfeldt


L-Soft Unveils LISTSERV 15.0
DIRECT Magazine November 21, 2006
Ken Magill

LISTSERV 15.0 Email List Manager Ships
MacNN November 21, 2006

Listserv ilmestyi viidennentoista kerran
Ilta-Sanomat, Digitoday November 21, 2006
Tuomas Karvonen

Next Generation of Classic LISTSERV® Software
SWBusiness.fi November 21, 2006

LISTSERV 15.0 – Mailinglisten-Management in neuem Design und mit verbesserter Navigation
CRMmanager.de November 21, 2006

Women, the Internet, and Email Lists
WorldWIT, Thinking Aloud June 12, 2006
Outi Tuomaala

L-Soft Adds E-Mail Deliverability Features
DMNews.com March 6, 2006
Abby Miller

LISTSERV 14.5 Improves Deliverability
MacNN March 2, 2006

Dealing With Spam Is Just One of Many Costs of Doing Business
DMNews.com February 21, 2006
Eric Thomas

Guide, verktyg för e-postmarknadsföring: Välj rätt verktyg för dina utskick
Internetworld Nr. 6, 2006


L-Soft Offers LISTSERV Maestro for Mac OS X
Mac News Network September 8, 2005

Listserv finns för Mac
Säkerhet & sekretess August 4, 2005
Tomas Gilså

LISTSERV For Mac OS X Released Today
Creative Mac August 3, 2005

New Email Marketing Rules in the European Union: One Year Later
MarketingProfs.com June 28, 2005
Mattias Durnik


Listserv mit Spam-Kontrolle und Empfängerdatenbank
Computerwoche Tec Workshop December 12, 2004
Ulrich Bantle

Nya LISTSERV ska hindra spam
Säkerhet & sekretess December 9, 2004
Tomas Gilså

Ein Meilenstein für Opt-In
manageit June 2004

L-Soft facilite la communication par e-mail
Francofil May 2004

When Politics and Spam Intersect
OPB News March 23, 2004
Rob Manning


De byggde Internet i Sverige
ISOC-SE 2003
Inga Hamngren och Jan Odhnoff

L-Soft and F-Secure Stopped the Proliferation of 2.6 Billion Virus-Infected E-Mails in August
eFinland | eBusiness News October 22, 2003

Anti-Spam Program Raises Backfire Fears
InformationWeek June 5, 2003
Anick Jesdanun

Virenfreie E-Mail-Kommunikation mit LISTSERV Anti-Virus Station (AVS)
Contentmanager.de May 27, 2003

Unix mukaan Listserv-postilistojen virussuojaan
Ilta-Sanomat, Digitoday May 27, 2003
Jaakko Kuivalainen

Från freeware till mångmiljonföretag, porträtt Eric Thomas
Datormagazin April 2003
Assi Abdel-Baki

Industry Report – What Works: Best Practices in Marketing Technology
Aberdeen Group February 21, 2003
Kent Allen, Karen Smith, Harry Watkins


eServer Magazine September 2002

Debatt: "Opt-in ger e-postbranschen ny vind i seglen"
Dagens Media August 27, 2002
Outi Tuomaala

L-Soft bringt neue Lösungen für E-Mail-Kommunikation nach Deutschland
contentmanager.de July 17, 2002

Opt-in en förutsättning för e-postmarknadsföring
Computer Sweden July 6, 2002
Outi Tuomaala

Email Marketing Forum: Personal Communication
New Media Age June 20, 2002

Yahoo do you think you are kidding?
Marketing Week April 25, 2002
Robert Dwek

LISTSERV returns to IBM mainframes
CNET News.com March 5, 2002
Stephen Shankland

Choosing a Licensed Software Solution
Netpreneur February 20, 2002
Gabriela Linares

Dr-branchen vill bli digital
Dagens Media February 19, 2002
Björn Hedensjö and Eva Wisten

More choice for in-house email software
Database Marketing February 1, 2002

Internet Product Watch January 25, 2002

LISTSERV Maestro zieht alle Register beim E-Mail-Marketing
contentmanager.de January 23, 2002

L-Soft unveils email marketing product
Netimperative January 23, 2002
Iain Hepburn


Bodies propose Net 'trust mark' plan for EU sites
Precision Marketing November 16, 2001

EU hands spam decision to governments
Guardian Unlimited November 14, 2001
Owen Gibson

EC decides: Cookies restricted, opt-out for UK
netimperative.com November 14, 2001
Iain Hepburn

Internet Offers Alternative To Direct-Mail Marketing
Informationweek.com November 5, 2001
Eileen Colkin and Christopher T. Heun

Sécurité: Listserv désinfecté
Réseaux & Télécoms November 2, 2001

Spam proves a hot potato
netimperative.com October 31, 2001
Iain Hepburn

L-Soft y F-Secure integran antivirus y software de listas e-mail
Comunicaciones World October 30, 2001

E-Mail Lists Get Virus Protection
CNN.com October 30, 2001
Sam Costello

L-Soft takes on anti-virus partner
netimperative.com October 29, 2001
Derek Parkinson

F-Securen virussuojaa LISTSERV-postituslistoille
Ilta-Sanomat, Digitoday October 29, 2001
Jarmo Lahti

L-Soft ja F-Secure yhdistävät sähköpostituslistojen virussuojan
Ilta-Sanomat, Digitoday October 29, 2001
Erkki Mäki

Listservin postilistoihin suomalainen virussuoja
Helsingin Sanomat October 29, 2001
Mikko Paakkanen

L-Soft Offers Clever Tools for E-Mail Users
Nordicum Issue 5, 2001
Tage Erikson

Is email the killer marketing app?
Billing International October 18, 2001

L-Soft vauhdittaa sähköpostin hyödyntämistä
Tietoviikko October 4, 2001
Jonna Vuokola

Confusion voids EU privacy vote
Precision Marketing September 14, 2001
Emma Rubach

Europe: For once, we may get an opt-in from Europe
MarketingWeek September 13, 2001
Outi Tuomaala

Euro MPs plan ban on spam
Guardian Unlimited September 7, 2001
Owen Gibson

Stalled Before the Storm: L-Soft's IPO Bid Was Ill-Timed – And Luckily So
Washington Post August 1, 2001
Sara Kehaulani Goo

L-Soft Acquires E-Mail Tracking Technology
internetnews.com July 12, 2001
Roy Mark

E-postjätte köper utveckling av Maila Nordic
Computer Sweden July 11, 2001
Jesper Hultqvist

E-marknadsföring är mer än e-postreklam
Industry Standard Sverige May 31 - June 7, 2001
Outi Tuomaala

Sverige – försökskaninen för den nya ekonomin
Computer Sweden February 12, 2001
Eric Thomas

Dotcomdöden – mest en fråga om bristande kundorientering
Vision January 25, 2001
Outi Tuomaala


Electronic Newsletter Connects SSA with Public
Government Computer News December 8, 2000
Patricia Daukantas

Nyhetsbrev visar vägen till din webbplats
Redaktören December 2000
Arne Sandemo

E-Mail Lists Taking Off in Washington
Federal Computer Week August 30, 2000
Eric Kulisch

CRM: Rising to the E-Mail Challenge
Customer Loyalty Today July-August 2000
Eric Thomas

Mailing Listen: L-Soft steuert E-Marketing
Network World June 2, 2000
Jörg Schröper

E-Mail Goes Proactive
Compaq Brochure Summer 2000

The Right Way to Ask Permission
iMarketing News May 22, 2000
Seth Godin

A Social History of Bitnet and LISTSERV, 1985-1991
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing April-June 2000
David Alan Grier and Mary Campbell

Customize to Avoid E-Mail Clutter
iMarketing News April 10, 2000
Gabriela Linares

State Finds that E-Mail Lists Can Advance the Cause of Diplomacy
Government Computer News March 29, 2000
Pamela Houghtaling

E-Mail Marketing
Catalog Success April 2000
Scott Shrake

PC Magazine February 8, 2000
Brett Glass


E-Mail Marketing Outfit Readies for 2000 Takeoff
Washington Business Journal November 8, 1999
Matthew Sweibel

Succén som Sverige nobbade
Dagens IT / Datateknik 3.0 October 1999
Jesper Hultqvist

Lista postittaa viestit maailmalle [Scan]
Helsingin Sanomat October 8, 1999
Riitta Hankonen

So Long, Snail Mail – E-Mail Marketing Hits the Fast Lane
Incentive magazine September 1999
Kenneth Hein

Q&A: The Travels of E-Mail
The New York Times May 6, 1999
J. D. Biersdorfer

Mailing Lists – Find The Answers You Need From Peers Online
Smart Computing March 1999
Heidi V. Anderson

L-Soft Updates LISTSERV
Internetnews.com March 1, 1999
Brian McWilliams

E-Mail Marketing Goes Mainstream – Expected to be $1B Business in 2002
Computerworld February 8, 1999
Roberta Fusaro


Mailing Lists, Community and the Web
Boardwatch internet.com (Mecklermedia) December, 1998
Michael Dillon

Managing Your Mailing Lists
Web Review August 7, 1998
Peter Bostrom and Dirk Reinshagen

LISTSERV – the most popular mailing-list management software on the market
ServerWatch July 7, 1998
ServerWatch Staff

Services vie to handle direct e-mail pitches
Advertising Age June 29, 1998
Noah Shachtman

E-Mail Newsletters: A Push Technology That's Taking Off
Internet World (Mecklermedia) June 1, 1998
Andrew Marlett

Mailing Lists Made Simple
Smart Reseller (ZDNET) April 15, 1998
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

What's in a name?
ZDNet February 2, 1998
Leander Kahney

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