LISTSERV Bridges Gap Between Mailing Lists, Forums and Blogs

New Release Modernizes the Way People Interact with Email List Content

Bethesda, MD (August 21, 2019) – L-Soft now offers classic, forum and blog views for email lists, so people can stay up-to-date without even launching an email client. LISTSERV 17.0, a major new release of the pioneering email list technology, features a new user interface that runs much like an app on any mobile device, allowing list administrators and subscribers to manage and interact with mailing lists via web or email, anytime, anywhere.

"For many years, it's been trendy to claim to be an 'email killer'. But have any companies succeeded, other than hype in the news headlines – Facebook, Google Wave, Slack? Of course not, because no single company can provide a replacement system," said Outi Tuomaala, L-Soft's Executive Vice President.


"This year, the number of email users will top half of the world population, and it's projected to keep growing. Almost everyone online, including young people, needs email. It's an integral part of the modern communication infrastructure and our everyday lives," Tuomaala added. "Giving people more control over their identity, privacy, messages and inboxes are much-needed healthy developments, and LISTSERV 17.0 makes it easier to follow busy email discussion forums on the go."

"Blogs, forums and mailing lists are as popular as ever, and the new version of LISTSERV allows you to switch between classic email list, forum and blog modes as you please. The goal was to give people the three established tools in one place, so there's no need to spend time integrating different systems," said Jani Kumpula, Senior Webmaster/User Interface Designer at L-Soft.

The new LISTSERV helps organizations to:

  • Communicate with relevant content, including email groups, discussion forums, blogs, newsletters and announcements, in one central hub
  • Give list administrators and audiences the ability to interact with LISTSERV sites, email lists and messages anytime, on any screen
  • Provide access to shared knowledge with the new seamless list archives, offering new viewing experiences to choose from: classic, forum and blog
  • Create responsive newsletters and announcements – no HTML coding needed – with 75 ready-to-use, customizable templates with the HTML newsletter builder
  • Build brand visibility with LISTSERV user interface customizations in just a few simple steps with no need for HTML or CSS coding

Learn more about LISTSERV 17.0:

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