LISTSERV® Inventor Develops Seamless Solution to DMARC Hassles

L-Soft Introduces the Industry's Only No-Compromise Fix

Landover, MD (April 25, 2014) – People who run email lists are still reeling after Yahoo, followed earlier this week by AOL, implemented aggressive DMARC policies that created giant headaches and widespread outcry. Stuck between a rock and a hard place with no advance warning, list administrators have had to resort to a variety of circumventions, from giving all Yahoo and AOL subscribers the boot to putting the list address in the "From" field, thus causing all private replies to be broadcast to the list without warning and inviting mail clients to submit out-of-office messages to the entire list.

"Contrary to popular belief, DMARC is not a new Internet standard. It's a pack of 800-pound gorillas who got together and decided to change the way email works just because they can and because they have a vested interest," said LISTSERV inventor and L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas.

"And they use the word 'spam' to justify their actions like others use the word 'terrorism'. But DMARC will do absolutely nothing to reduce the amount of spam in people's inboxes. All it does is prevent spammers from using a or account as their sender addresses, and I doubt any spammers are losing sleep over this."

The solution L-Soft has developed for LISTSERV does not require anyone to make compromises or lose any functionality – not even the Yahoo and AOL subscribers.

"Once you install the update, everything works just like it did before the DMARC debacle; incoming Yahoo and AOL addresses are automatically rewritten to local addresses that can receive private replies and forward them to the original poster," Thomas said.

LISTSERV administrators can download the update at:

Over the past week, L-Soft has tested the update with some of its highest-volume customers running LISTSERV in the cloud (ListPlex), and they have already been enjoying smooth operations.

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