DMARC Debacle: Yahoo Gets Caught in Its Own Net

L-Soft Announces Discount on LISTSERV in the Cloud for Now-Broken Yahoo Groups Lists

Landover, MD (May 16, 2014) – People who run email lists on Yahoo Groups are still struggling with broken email list functionality and frustrated subscribers after Yahoo's sudden announcement in April that it had implemented DMARC's most extreme p=reject policy. As a result of this move, Yahoo Groups members are left unable to see who a message's poster is and are getting unwanted mail because private replies are mistakenly being sent to the entire list.

"Yahoo's adoption of aggressive DMARC policies originally intended for transaction sites like Paypal caught their own Yahoo Groups service by surprise," said L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas, who invented LISTSERV®, the pioneering email list software. "It wasn't until May 8th, almost one month after Yahoo's DMARC policy change, that Yahoo Groups introduced a workaround for Yahoo's own customers. And they chose to implement the asinine 'solution' the DMARC cartel is trying to shove down the throats of mailing list users."

Yahoo Groups administrators and users are angered and frustrated, as shown by these comments, from three among many dismayed posters at:

"Having major email issues. Replies going to entire group even though setting set for reply to sender. Is this responsible?"

"I wish they would have left well enough alone. I can't tell who has sent posts from my group now. NO-ONE in my group likes it as it is confusing and hard to follow conversations. PLEASE put it back the way it was."

"And this is entirely the wrong thing to do, since the GROUP IS NOT THE SENDER; all it is doing is relaying the message on to the group subscribers."

The DMARC fix that L-Soft developed for LISTSERV is the only solution in the industry that requires no compromises – not even for Yahoo or AOL users – and provides zero loss of email list functionality.

"Everything works just like it did before the DMARC debacle; incoming Yahoo and AOL addresses are automatically rewritten to local addresses that can receive private replies and forward them to the original poster," Thomas said.

With this solution, L-Soft customers, including those running their email lists with LISTSERV software on premises and those using LISTSERV in the cloud hosting services, have been enjoying business as usual. And this won't change, even if other email providers adopt similar aggressive DMARC policies in the future because LISTSERV will automatically handle those addresses in the same way, ensuring continuing smooth operations for the LISTSERV list and preventing future hassles for list administrators, moderators and subscribers.

L-Soft announced today that Yahoo Groups administrators who migrate their email lists to any of L-Soft's LISTSERV in the cloud hosting services will receive a 30 percent discount on fees for the first year. L-Soft also has a limited-time 30 percent migration discount offer on licensed LISTSERV software.

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