L-Soft's LISTSERV Maestro Bridges Gap Between Email and Other Social Media

The Social Media Integration of LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 Offers One-Stop Shopping to Email Marketers of All Skill Levels

Landover, MD (December 15, 2011) – L-Soft is the company behind LISTSERV®, the original email list software that in 1986 unleashed the explosive growth of email communities. L-Soft's release today of LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 enables one-stop shopping for email marketers with social media integration and tracking, hassle-free target group segmentation and easy, in-depth demographic reporting options, all within the choice of a basic or advanced user interface, helping email marketers at all levels engage subscribers with targeted, intelligence-based campaigns.

"When hundreds of universities adopted LISTSERV in 1986, email lists rapidly evolved from their original role of information dissemination and sharing into full-fledged email communities with a strong social component," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO who invented LISTSERV in 1986. "As the first social medium on the net, email has a long history of forming long-lasting social bonds, on the higher end of the attention-span scale, and stands to benefit greatly from being paired with other social media requiring a shorter attention span."

Even novice email marketers and small organizations can benefit from LISTSERV Maestro because it is available as either a web-based hosting service or a downloadable licensed solution and offers basic and advanced user interface options, making it easy to use for marketers of any skill level. With LISTSERV Maestro, companies and organizations of all sizes have a complete and flexible solution to test, send, monitor, analyze and improve their future mailings to customers and members.

Key features in LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 include:

  • Social Media Publishing, Sharing and Tracking for improved reach, data
  • Choice of two User Interface Modes, Basic and Advanced, for all users' skill levels
  • Drag-and-Drop Mail Job Management for easy organization and comparison
  • On-the-Fly Target Group Definition for time saving, efficiency
  • Additional and Flexible HTML Newsletter Templates for quick, simple text and image upload
  • Predefined Tracking Reports for immediate metrics of campaign status
  • Job Comparison Reports with graphics for at-a-glance results
  • Downloadable Spreadsheet Reports with embedded charts for easy analysis
  • Subscriber Protection Feature, to ensure that a subscriber who has unsubscribed cannot be inadvertently added back onto the recipient list

Communication planning and email campaigns often require different skills at different stages. LISTSERV Maestro allows multiple people to work with one campaign at a time. The software also enables communicators to quickly and easily organize numerous opt-in email campaigns into different folders in a simple way with a new drag-and-drop mail job management feature, which also facilitates post-campaign comparison and lessons learned.

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Incorporated in 1994, L-Soft is the exclusive provider of the LISTSERV® brand of email list software, email marketing software and email list hosting services. L-Soft's opt-in email solutions are used to manage email newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups, email communities and email marketing campaigns, serving more than 100 million list subscriptions worldwide. Invented by L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas, LISTSERV launched the permission email list communication industry in 1986 and remains the gold standard. L-Soft celebrates the 25th anniversary of LISTSERV in 2011.

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