LISTSERV® Maestro Debuts Custom-Selected Metrics for Marketers to Maximise Best Email Practices

London, February 12, 2008 – L-Soft's LISTSERV® Maestro 3.3 provides email marketers and communicators with critical data through custom-selected visual email metrics and reports directly on the campaign dashboard, giving the competitive edge demanded by today's saturated digital environment. Today's release supplies real-time campaign data support for email marketing benchmarks and best practices. This enables email communicators to use relevant metrics to develop, test and refine their communications for increased sales conversions, subscriber engagement and customer loyalty.

"Email marketing is never an exact science, but the essential practice is knowing your numbers. Without in-depth data demonstrating how your campaigns are performing – and the reasons why – how can you make important decisions and get the best results?" said Outi Tuomaala, L-Soft's Vice President of Marketing. "Also, with today's accountability requirements, you need to share your metrics with your management, colleagues and funders to show return-on-investment and outcomes – and of course, lessons learned and actions you're taking as a result."

With LISTSERV Maestro, marketers can have up to 20 data reports of their choosing displayed directly in front of them, enabling them to expend creative energy and funds with confidence and making their brand stand out in the market. They can also compare the data of up to 12 selected campaigns, side-by-side, using the intuitive interface.

Given the power to know, compare and share critical data provided by LISTSERV Maestro software, email marketers can easily plan for and implement best practice measures such as:

  • Using job comparison reports to dynamically compare the tracking results for two or more jobs – such as email newsletters – for quick and easy assessment of the success of multiple campaigns or A/B splits.
  • Easily sharing reports with executive management and colleagues using the convenient PDF format, helping to monitor best practices and benchmarks.
  • Identifying success factors of a campaign and improving poorly performing jobs by analysing results vis-a-vis successful ones.
  • Drilling down to problem areas and making adjustments to campaigns quickly, based on real-time data.
  • Applying the preview mode to display HTML newsletters with the images blocked, giving a true picture of how an email client might block the images and ensuring that messages remain effective in such situations.

LISTSERV Maestro is the only email marketing solution built on the legendary LISTSERV® software. LISTSERV Maestro is available for Windows, Unix (Linux; Solaris) and Mac OS X operating systems.

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