Reseller Pricing on LISTSERV® Solutions Available to All Customers

Customers can now choose whether or not to pay for account management

London, September, 12, 2008 – L-Soft, the company behind LISTSERV® – the original email list management software, which launched the industry in 1986 – introduced today a direct order channel that offers reseller pricing to the general public. This new service, called L-Soft Direct, targets customers who are already familiar with L-Soft's LISTSERV-brand mailing list software solutions and are willing to forgo traditional account servicing in exchange for reseller pricing.

"L-Soft Direct is to sales what opt-in is to marketing. Our customers can now choose whether or not to enter into an account management relationship and receive follow-up sales calls related to their LISTSERV solutions," said Eric Thomas, CEO of L-Soft. "The key difference is that L-Soft Direct gives you a discount for opting out rather than in."

With L-Soft Direct, any customer will receive the same discount as an authorised reseller when ordering the same yearly volume of products and services, plus a "perk": generally, a free license upgrade, instead of the free demo licenses issued to authorised resellers.

The only limitation for L-Soft Direct customers is that they will not receive value-added account management services. Customers needing live product demos, custom bid proposals, free technical consultations and other related services are advised to opt for the regular L-Soft sales process, in which a dedicated L-Soft representative is assigned to the customer's account.

L-Soft Direct purchases must be made from the resale office at L-Soft's headquarters. To learn more about L-Soft Direct products, discounts and rewards visit:

Read the story behind L-Soft Direct:

About L-Soft

L-Soft, which was incorporated in 1994, is the only provider of LISTSERV® brand email list and opt-in email marketing software and hosting services for managing email newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. L-Soft's products serve more than 100 million list subscriptions. L-Soft celebrates the 15th anniversary of double opt-in support, first introduced in its pioneering LISTSERV email list management software.

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