L-Soft's LISTSERV® 15.5 Wraps RSS Abstracts and LDAP Support into Legendary Email List Software

London, November 27, 2007 – L-Soft announced today the release of LISTSERV® 15.5, providing additional usability, efficiency and integration benefits across all user levels of the original email list software.

"Our latest software evolution, LISTSERV 15.5, makes email list communication a little easier and more secure for everyone, from administrators to list owners to end users," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO, who developed LISTSERV in 1986. "As continuously proven over the past two decades, LISTSERV is the opt-in solution that has endured, and it will continue to help all types of groups from online patient communities to Fortune 500 companies reach their subscribers with important content."

LISTSERV supports RSS feeds, allowing subscribers to view email list messages using an RSS reader. RSS, increasing in popularity and use, provide another alternative for users to receive the latest email list postings, such as email newsletters, discussion community posts, and customer updates. Today's release introduces support for RSS abstracts – which are generated automatically from the text of the message or may be specified explicitly – providing email content in a convenient, quick-glance format.

In addition, LISTSERV 15.5 can connect to LDAP servers to authenticate user logins, to insert LDAP attributes in mail-merge distributions and to implement dynamic queries, against either LDAP or traditional DBMS servers. For example, administrators can use an LDAP query against an Active Directory server to grant list owner privileges to all members of a particular Windows Security Group.

"Thanks to LDAP support, LISTSERV users who run directory services will simplify their operations and become more efficient. With single sign-on, easier access control and smoother administration and organisation, the results will be more customised messages and overall better communication," Thomas said.

With the new AOL Feedback Loop feature, LISTSERV automatically parses the reports and implements the actions required by AOL's whitelist agreement. This helps list owners preserve whitelist status and reduce the number of spam complaints from AOL users. Keeping security squarely in focus, LISTSERV is the only product of its kind to provide integrated anti-virus protection powered by F-Secure.

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