Upgraded LISTSERV® Product Line Released Today, Spotlights Deliverability with Unique New Assessment Feature

London, March 2, 2006 – L-Soft, the company behind LISTSERV® – the original email list management software that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year – announced today the joint release of LISTSERV 14.5 and LISTSERV Maestro 2.1, a move that enhances the company's product line with a unique assessment feature to boost deliverability in today's email environment challenged by spam, phishing and fraud.

Because spam poses an enormous problem for email providers, consumers and legitimate senders today, and because nearly all spam does not actually originate from the address it claims to be coming from, many Internet and email service providers have started to implement authentication and certification methods in an effort to reject obvious spam while allowing legitimate email to pass through their systems.

Given the need to control spam without disabling delivery of legitimate, opt-in email, deliverability is a key priority for email list administrators, marketers and communicators across the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. The issue has sparked a recent industry controversy over fee-based email certification. L-Soft's product line and corporate stance reflects a strong commitment to opt-in email as the foundation of deliverability and customer focus.

LISTSERV 14.5 introduces a new Deliverability Assessment interface, a Web-based center solely dedicated to maximising deliverability of legitimate email messages. The feature, which analyzes LISTSERV and DNS configurations and gives site administrators concrete suggestions on improving deliverability, helps senders to ensure that opt-in messages reach the subscribers who have requested them. The assessment encompasses all three major certification standards that are used by major email service providers (ESPs), including DomainKeys, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Sender ID as well as additional DNS tests. Major ESPs deploy these standards, with Yahoo! a primary user of DomainKeys, SPF utilized by GMail, AOL and PoBox.com and Sender ID used by Microsoft's MSN and Hotmail.

Also released today is LISTSERV® Maestro 2.1, the newest version of L-Soft's sophisticated software solution for database-driven opt-in email communication and email marketing. Today's release brings additional deliverability power to users with the introduction of DomainKeys support. In addition, companies and organisations using LISTSERV Maestro – the only email list management, tracking and reporting solution built with the power and flexibility of LISTSERV – can completely customise each page of the Web interface, so that every subscriber interaction becomes an opportunity for companies and organisations to connect with subscribers, enhance branding and convey key messages. Subscriber page customisation supports deliverability because it provides an easy mechanism for subscribers to let senders know which emails they would like to receive.

Reactions from pre-release customers are positive. Eugene Evans, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Mythic Entertainment, ranked 90th fastest growing technology company in North America by Deloitte and Touche in 2005, stated:

"Regular communication with gamers and fans of Warhammer is a key element as we ramp up our marketing for Warhammer Online, the new multiplayer online role-playing game that we will release in 2007. We have successfully integrated LISTSERV Maestro into those plans, allowing us to create a seamless interface for fans worldwide to sign up in multiple languages and manage their own newsletter accounts. LISTSERV Maestro has successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of email newsletters, enabling us to clearly communicate our message that this release will be the online game event of 2007."

LISTSERV Maestro 2.1 also includes a translation tool, which makes it easy to translate the entire interface, including confirmation and error messages, into one of 27 chosen languages according to subscribers' needs.


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