L-Soft's LISTSERV® Maestro Email Marketing Software Released Today for Mac OS X

Solution Provides Powerful Yet Easy Opt-in Email Campaign Management, Tracking and Reporting

London, September 8, 2005 – L-Soft, a leading provider of email list management software since 1994, announced today the release of LISTSERV® Maestro for Mac OS X. Now businesses and organisations that prefer the Mac operating system can employ LISTSERV Maestro to manage as well as measure, track and report the results of their email communication initiatives using the software's simple, yet powerful Web interface. LISTSERV Maestro for Mac OS X provides the same reliability and functionality available on Linux and other Unix systems.

"Building on the introduction of LISTSERV for Mac OS X in August, L-Soft is pleased to now provide the Mac market with the option of choosing the additional power, functionality and ease of use in LISTSERV Maestro. With a minimal learning curve, email communicators and marketers can use LISTSERV Maestro to create and send personalised email messages that truly engage their audience through tailored content based on the individual subscribers' preferences," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft CEO and founder and creator of LISTSERV, the product that launched the email list management industry in 1986.

For example, with LISTSERV Maestro, a travel company can send email offers based on the subscriber's city of residence, preferred type of holiday and destinations the subscriber had previously explored by clicking on links in the company's e-newsletter. As a result, the messages are far more likely to resonate with subscribers and, ultimately, to bring better results.

L-Soft is one of the first software solution providers to offer Mac-compatible solutions for sophisticated, personalized opt-in email list management, measurement and reporting. With today's release, the entire LISTSERV® product line is now available for the Macintosh.

In addition to creating customised messages and follow-up communication based on individual subscribers' preferences and clicks on links, LISTSERV Maestro's workflow-oriented graphical interface guides users through each step of the process – from message creation to response evaluation and analysis. And unlike its competitors, LISTSERV Maestro supports four options for open-up and click-through tracking, including blind, anonymous, unique and personal, collecting a different degree of personally identifiable information about recipients. This data, which is key to tailoring follow-up communications, can then be easily converted into real-time tracking reports as well as imported into third-party statistical or spreadsheet software packages.

LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro are also available for the Windows and Unix (Linux and Solaris) operating systems.

As a special offer for Mac users, through October 2005, L-Soft will provide everyone who orders LISTSERV for Mac OS X with maintenance a limited license of LISTSERV Maestro for Mac OS X.

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