L-Soft's LISTSERV® 14.4 Released Today, Features Mail-Merge Capabilities for All Users and Enhanced Performance

First 100 Customers to Apply New Version Will Receive Free Licenses for L-Soft's Email Marketing Software

Bethesda, MD (June 21, 2005) – L-Soft, which launched the email list management industry with LISTSERV®, announced today the release of LISTSERV 14.4, an upgraded version of the company's widely used email list software.

LISTSERV 14.4 introduces embedded mail-merge, a feature that makes it a snap to integrate LISTSERV with third-party tools for outbound spam prevention or increased deliverability. This new, high-performance mail-merge engine is compatible with every existing mail server that understands SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – the protocol that has transported Internet email messages since 1982). Connecting LISTSERV to a corporate outbound spam filter or a Yahoo!® Domain Keys signing engine is now as simple as entering an address in a configuration file.

Another benefit of embedded mail-merge is that Linux® and other Unix® users can now enjoy LISTSERV's customization and deliverability benefits using a wide variety of freeware mail servers.

"Spam has become such a central issue in the email industry that it places new demands not only on the functionality and performance of email software, but also on its very architecture," said L-Soft CEO and founder Eric Thomas. "Hundreds of creative solutions have been deployed to fight spam, often requiring the use of specific mail server software. Email list management solutions that do not permit this are unlikely to survive long."

Additional upgrades in LISTSERV 14.4 include the newly designed message posting interface, which allows people to send text, HTML and multipart messages and attachments to a list. The software remains the industry's only email list management application that includes integrated anti-virus protection, which is provided by F-Secure. On one of L-Soft's hosting servers alone, L-Soft and F-Secure stopped more than 6.7 billion infected messages from being delivered to LISTSERV list subscribers in 2004.

In celebration of the 19th anniversary of LISTSERV this month, L-Soft will provide free licenses for its premium email marketing tracking and reporting software, LISTSERV® Maestro, to the first 100 organizations to upgrade to LISTSERV 14.4.

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