LISTSERV Product Line Update Reclaims Communication Focus

New Versions Enhance Spam Control and Enable Recipient Warehousing

London, December 8, 2004 – Most companies large enough to employ a full-time communication professional have adopted or at least investigated the use of email for targeted customer communication. In doing so, they have usually been frustrated by two challenges: the difficulty of creating a recipient data warehouse without on-site technical expertise, and spam. Today, L-Soft is launching a new version of its LISTSERV® product line that addresses these issues, and many more.


The second most comprehensive update in the product's 18-year history, LISTSERV 14.3 can be connected easily to most spam filters, including the ubiquitous SpamAssassin. Its new spam control features kill address harvesters dead, and make it much more difficult (some even say impossible) for spammers to pollute the list administrators' mailboxes. LISTSERV 14.3 also allows a much finer degree of customization and translation of system and confirmation messages, and follows the W3C accessibility guidelines. Over 100 of the 170 improvements in the new version are the result of direct customer requirements, covering a broad spectrum from internationalization to database store procedures to list moderation, with fewer helpdesk calls as a result.

Building on this solid, time-tested foundation, L-Soft's email campaign manager, LISTSERV® Maestro 2.0, now includes a Recipient Warehouse module that combines data administration and target group creation in one interface. It makes it easy to create targeted groups of recipients without SQL knowledge; a wizard guides marketers through the definition of criteria for recipient selection. A graphical interface allows the definition of new data fields, such as name, email address, click-through and open-up responses to previous email messages, and of course demographics. Recipient data and reactions to previous messages can be used to precisely target and personalize subsequent opt-in email messages, and data collection web pages can be created in a snap, with no SQL or HTML knowledge.

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