L-Soft Announces Winner of LISTSERV Technical Innovation Award

RedIRIS Wins LISTSERV Choice Award For Excellent Web Interface Customization

Bethesda, MD (December 21, 2004) – RedIRIS, a Spanish national research network that connects 250 universities and scientific research centers, won the LISTSERV Technical Innovation Award. RedIRIS operates the largest LISTSERV site in Spain with approximately 500 email lists of scientific nature and subscription totals beyond 100,000 email addresses. This is the second LISTSERV Choice Award for RedIRIS, the first having been in the email announcement list category.

"RedIRIS has created a LISTSERV site that is dynamic and unique. The jury was impressed with the customization of the LISTSERV Web interface and the attention to detail throughout the site," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft CEO and founder. The LISTSERV site is translated and modified with precision so that lists can be found alphabetically, categorically, or by keywords using an excellent search function. RedIRIS was recognized for its exemplary use of email lists to distribute and exchange information, thereby utilizing virtual communities, working groups, online courses, and meetings.

One of the most exciting developments of the LISTSERV site was the translation of the Web interface into Spanish, which enabled RedIRIS to expand its reach all the way to Latin America. This effort produced an active collaboration with Latin American scientists, who now manage several RedIRIS email lists. "We took advantage of the flexibility of LISTSERV to translate and customize the pages of the Web interface. I want to emphasize the impact this project had had; fifty percent of our subscribers are in Spain, but twenty percent are based in Latin America," said Jesús Sanz de las Heras, Email Service Coordinator for RedIRIS.

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