German News E-Mail Newsletter Wins LISTSERV® Choice Newsletter Award

Bethesda, MD (June 8, 2004) – German News, the non-profit daily e-mail newsletter that aims to keep Germans abroad up-to-date with current events and politics in Germany, won the second category of L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards, the Newsletter Award. The newsletter, which was initially created to inform three German friends in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about the news items going on at home, currently has more than 5,000 subscribers in as many as 90 countries.

"Essentially, our approach has not changed a bit since the beginning. We gather the news during the day and compile it into e-mail in the evening to be sent to our subscribers," said German News Editor Rainer M. Mallon. "It's always interesting to find out who reads our news, and how it is disseminated. During the first years, I was amazed how far we got geographically. We made it to the bulletin boards of Goethe Institutes and German departments of universities and even to the Polar Star, the Alfred-Wegener research ship in the Arctic. We also kept German astronaut Thomas Reiter up-to-date while on board the Space Station Mir."

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, L-Soft has launched the LISTSERV Choice Awards. The contest invites all LISTSERV e-mail list enthusiasts to participate throughout 2004 in the award program for the most interesting, creative, innovative or exemplary usage of L-Soft software worldwide. The contest features seven different list categories: Educational, Philanthropic, Community, Announcement, Technical Innovation, Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing. The next category to be judged is the LISTSERV E-Mail Community Award with a submission deadline of June 16, 2004. This award recognizes the most excellent e-mail community. All types of LISTSERV e-mail discussion lists are eligible, both professional and hobby communities. The LISTSERV list that supports the liveliest community and provides value to the community members will be presented the award.

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