LISTSERV® Maestro 1.2 Makes Database-Driven E-Mail Communication More Manageable

The upgraded software provides comprehensive database integration capabilities and the security of virus protection

Bethesda, MD (September 3, 2003) – L-Soft, creator of LISTSERV®, the original e-mail list management software, announced today the release of LISTSERV® Maestro 1.2, an upgraded version of the company's sophisticated e-mail marketing software that manages and tracks opt-in e-mail campaigns. Unlike other products, LISTSERV Maestro is uniquely capable of integrating with an organization's existing databases. New database integration features simplify the creation of targeted recipient lists by cutting the process down to a few simple clicks. In addition, LISTSERV Maestro 1.2 includes F-Secure Anti-Virus protection, a crucial functionality that protects e-mail recipients from harmful viruses.

"The new version of LISTSERV Maestro makes it easier for companies to take full advantage of their existing customer databases, target precisely and create relevant, customized content," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft founder and CEO.

LISTSERV Maestro's powerful Web interface guides e-mail marketers effortlessly through every step of the campaign development process. The new version of the software simplifies the process of creating database-driven target lists by allowing database administrators to predefine database queries. E-mail marketers can simply click and choose a desired target list of recipients from a drop-down menu, a checkbox or a text input box without any SQL or database system knowledge. LISTSERV Maestro can integrate with all major databases, including Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL and, through LISTSERV, with any ODBC-compliant database.

New LISTSERV Maestro 1.2 features include:

  • Target Groups: allows for easy creation of database-driven targeted lists of recipients, where e-mail marketers can select groups based on any number of criteria
  • Just-in-time Recipients: the recipient list is extracted at the time of delivery, ensuring that the most up-to-date recipient list is always used
  • More Detailed Bounce Reporting: bounces are reported in separate categories according to specific bounce causes
  • Form-Submit Tracking: tracks the submission of HTML forms within e-mails
  • Better Support for AOL Rich Text: provides opportunity to preview and send AOL formats

About L-Soft

L-Soft develops and sells software and outsourcing services for managing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. Founded in 1994, L-Soft has been instrumental in the proliferation of e-mail marketing thanks to the popularity of its flagship software, LISTSERV®. Since then, L-Soft has expanded its portfolio of products and services to include e-mail delivery, outsourcing and consulting services.

Recognized in 2001 as Maryland's 23rd fastest-growing technology company by Deloitte & Touche, L-Soft's products deliver about 35 million messages a day to more than 130 million list subscriptions. The company serves approximately 3,000 clients worldwide, including Microsoft, IBM, The New York Times, AOL-Time Warner/CNN, Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal, The United Nations, the U.S. Senate and Harvard University.

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