Women Exceed Men Online, Encouraging More Women-Specific E-Mail Newsletters

LISTSERV® software is the popular choice among female-oriented Web sites

Landover, MD (September 26, 2000) – With the recent surge of women logging onto the Internet, the number of electronic newsletters that address topics specific to women is increasing. L-Soft's e-mail list management technology is quickly becoming an integral part of Web sites that offer these newsletters. LISTSERV software is currently used to manage more than five million subscriptions for women-related newsletters.

In a study titled "Women, Young Girls Swell Internet Ranks," released August 10, 2000, Media Metrix, Inc. reports that women currently account for 50.4 percent of the U.S. online population, having surpassed men during the first quarter of the year 2000. Using L-Soft's e-mail list solutions, Web sites such as Women.com and Lifetime Television offer a variety of electronic newsletters specifically designed for women. L-Soft's flagship product, LISTSERV®, is the preferred software of these sites because it provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution capable of handling large and continually growing e-mail lists.

Women.com Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: WOMN), a leading online destination for women and among the top 50 most popular World Wide Web sites, offers membership to a variety of newsletters, ranging from health related issues, to family & parenting, and sex & romance. Representatives at Women.com state that LISTSERV software has allowed them to develop a more personalized relationship with their members by providing female-specific content and promotions straight to their subscriber's in-boxes.

Another L-Soft customer is Lifetime Television, the cable TV network dedicated to providing the highest quality entertainment and informational programming for women, serving nearly 78 million households. Lifetime Online uses electronic mailing lists to provide viewers with a variety of newsletters and announcements about upcoming television programs, special events, and features on the issues concerning women today.

Gabriela Linares, Vice President of Marketing at L-Soft said, "We are very pleased to have developed a dynamic technology that provides women, and online communities in general, with the convenience to receive information and exchange knowledge electronically and globally."

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