L-Soft to Exhibit E-Mail Marketing Solutions at DMA Show

Landover, MD (February 22, 2000) – Seattle, Washington, will be a major source of e-mail marketing information this February 27-29 as it hosts the Annual DMA net.marketing 2000 Conference and Exhibition. L-Soft will be exhibiting its software and outsourcing solutions for personalized direct e-mail marketing campaigns and e-mail discussion groups.

According to the new eMarketer eMail Marketing Report, total e-mail marketing expenditures in the United States, which reached $898 million in 1999, will increase 417 percent to $4.6 billion by the end of 2003. In addition, U.S. firms will increase their spending on e-mail ads by a factor of 20 over the same period, from $97 million in 1999 to $2 billion in 2003. These predictions make the DMA net.marketing show the cutting edge place to be this year.

L-Soft will be demonstrating its innovative e-list software and hosting services to attendees at Booth #326 at the Seattle Convention Center. Visitors to the booth are welcome to view case studies of how other companies have utilized these solutions to their advantage. Those interested can also attend a practical demonstration on how to apply L-Soft's solutions to deliver direct e-mail marketing messages, to be held February 28 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 618 of the Convention Center. L-Soft plans to sponsor a coffee break on February 29 and as always will have free giveaways and contests to win software and list hosting services for visitors to their booth.

The technology on display will include:

LISTSERV® mailing list management software:

Introduced in 1986, LISTSERV was the first mailing list manager and quickly defined the de facto standard for the administration of electronic mailing lists. Its flexibility, time-tested performance and fabled robustness have made it the product of choice for high-visibility, high-volume mailing lists – and for just about any other type of list too. Noteworthy features introduced in the recent version of LISTSERV 1.8d include:

  • Database Integration facility for the creation of spontaneous lists and Mail-Merge operations
  • Mail-Merge support for the creation of personalized messages
  • Enhanced customizable Web Interface for List and Site Administration

Available for 10 brands of Unix, OpenVMS, VM, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98, LISTSERV delivers 30 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 150,000 public LISTSERV lists around the world.

LSMTP® e-mail delivery software:

Introduced in 1996, LSMTP made headlines by delivering an incredible 100,000 messages per hour on a $5,0000 PC (real workload - not artificial "lab traffic"). Nowadays, a $2,500 Pentium II system will deliver 300,000 - 400,000 messages per hour, while a small AlphaServer can handle 1 million hourly deliveries. New features introduced in the recent version of LSMTP 1.1b include:

  • Mail-Merge support for the creation of personalized messages
  • Message delivery API allows for the delivery of messages in files for automated processing
  • Improved accounting records and additional performance improvements

LSMTP is available for Windows NT and OpenVMS.

ListPlex® e-mail list hosting service:

ListPlex provides customers with access to L-Soft's expertise and technology without hardware, software, or personnel investments. With over 9 million daily deliveries, L-Soft's ListPlex outsourcing services are by far the most popular and scalable on the Internet. Furthermore, ListPlex allows customers to outsource their services under a virtual domain name for seamless integration with the rest of their Internet presence. Designed for maximum flexibility, customers are able to remotely integrate the operation of their e-mail lists with the rest of their in-house servers. Anything that is possible at a customer's traditional in-house system can be implemented with a ListPlex service.

About L-Soft

With over 13 years of experience in this industry, L-Soft is the premier provider of e-mail list solutions used on the Internet and private intranets. Meeting the growing demand for scalable e-mail communication solutions, L-Soft's innovative, Web-enabled technology offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for non-technical and expert users alike. Solutions range from high-performance software to custom list hosting services, providing large to small-scale alternatives for e-mail newsletters, discussion groups, or direct e-mail marketing campaigns. Launched in 1986, LISTSERV® delivers 30 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 150,000 public LISTSERV lists worldwide.

L-Soft's clients include IBM, AOL, Intel, Microsoft, ZDNET, Compaq, AT&T, Netscape, MCI, Lucent Technologies, Charles Schwaab, Citicorp, Legg Mason, Nokia, Campbell's Soup, United Nations, Sprint, Tribune Company, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The New York Times, IDG, CNN, USA Today, National Geographic, Lifetime Television, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, women.com, MCA Records, CBS News, and the majority of U.S. government departments and international universities.

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