L-Soft Heads West to Exhibit at the Compaq Enterprise Technical Symposium 2000 in Los Angeles

Software Innovator L-Soft Offers Broad Assortment of E-Mail Solutions

Landover, MD (October 2, 2000) – L-Soft, creators of the renowned LISTSERV® technology, announced plans to exhibit at the Compaq Enterprise Technical Symposium 2000 held October 3-6. This single event replaces the previously held U.S. DECUS Symposium, NT Wizards Symposium, and Compaq's Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The symposium is geared toward Enterprise IT Professionals, including systems engineers, integrators, and developers.

L-Soft will be demonstrating its extensive portfolio of e-mail list solutions that range from high-performance software products to custom outsourcing services. Solutions provide large to small-scale alternatives for implementing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups, and "mail-merge" operations of targeted and personalized messages prepared with a database back-end.

Recently, L-Soft was featured as one of Compaq's valued users of OpenVMS for utilizing within its cluster of hosting servers, two Compaq AlphaServer DS20E systems. Compaq's hardware supplies L-Soft with the scalability needed to easily deliver 10 million e-mail messages per day.

L-Soft welcomes attendees to meet with the company's technical experts at Booth #349, in Hall J of the Los Angeles Convention Center during the exposition portion of the symposium, October 3-5. Visitors to the L-Soft booth may enter a drawing for a Diamond Rio MP3 Player, and will also have the opportunity to win free licenses of LISTSERV® and LSMTP® software.

L-Soft CTO and Vice President of Software Engineering, Francoise Becker, will be in attendance, and is available for interview during the event.

L-Soft will showcase the following technologies:

  • LISTSERV® software is designed for managing e-mail lists. It is recognized for its flexibility, scalability, performance, and time-tested robustness. New developments allow LISTSERV software to interface with a database back-end (via ODBC or OCI) and adapt to most existing data layouts, thereby making it the ideal mailing list manager for targeted mail-merge operations. Available for Tru64 as well as 7 other brands of unix, OpenVMS, VM, Windows NT/2000, and Windows 95/98, LISTSERV delivers 30 million messages on an average day to over 170,000 LISTSERV lists worldwide.
  • LSMTP® is L-Soft's e-mail delivery software that distributes messages at lightning-fast speed. Available for OpenVMS and Windows NT/2000. Clients with large e-mail workloads will appreciate LSMTP's performance, as well as its ability to operate on mainstream personal computers. A small Compaq AlphaServer can handle 1 million hourly deliveries.
  • ListPlex®, L-Soft's high-end hosting service allows customers to outsource their e-mail lists or mail-merge services under a virtual domain name for seamless integration into the rest of their Internet endeavors.

About L-Soft

L-Soft specializes in the development of solutions for professional e-mail communication management. Since 1994, L-Soft has been the pioneer of the e-mail communication industry with LISTSERV®, the premier software for e-mail list management. L-Soft's technology is tailored for commercial usage, offering outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability. L-Soft's comprehensive outsourcing services and software applications facilitate the administration of e-mail lists, newsletters, and discussion groups. With more than 100 million subscriptions to LISTSERV lists worldwide, L-Soft is a business partner to 34 of the Fortune 100 companies, including Citigroup, Ford Motor, and IBM.

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