L-Soft Announces Release of LSMTP® Version 1.1b

Latest Release of the World's Fastest Internet Mail Delivery Software Features Mail-Merge Support for Direct E-mail Marketing and Flexible Message Delivery Options

Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 1999) – LSMTP Version 1.1b, the latest release of the world's fastest Internet mail delivery software. Version 1.1b features a number of valuable enhancements, including Mail-Merge support, a flexible Message Delivery API, and full compliance with the Y2K standard.

LSMTP initially established the performance benchmark for mail delivery software in 1996 by delivering an incredible 100,000 messages per hour on a $5,000 PC. Today, when used with a $2,500 Pentium II system it can deliver 300-400,000 messages per hour, while a small Digital AlphaServer running LSMTP can handle up to an amazing 1 million hourly deliveries. Although incredibly powerful, LSMTP is also very easy to install and configure, requiring no "babysitting" after installation. For this reason, the top 7 LISTSERV installations on the Internet use LSMTP software to deliver their mail.

LSMTP 1.1b's new Mail-Merge feature allows users to deliver individually personalized messages to a large number of recipients with very high throughput. Mail-Merge operations can be conveniently composed on a Web interface, while LSMTP performs the process of "merging" and delivering the messages in an efficient manner. The Mail-Merge function performs optimally when used in conjunction with L-Soft's LISTSERV 1.8d e-mail list management software.

The new Message Delivery API offered by LSMTP 1.1b facilitates the delivery of incoming messages as files, making it easy to process them in an automated fashion. With this versatile API, LSMTP is able to communicate and activate external software applications. For example, with appropriate external software it is possible to have e-mail messages transferred to a fax machine, a regular printer, or to an answering machine.

Other noteworthy enhancements within LSTMP 1.1b include:

  • Year 2000 Compliance
  • Improved accounting records
  • Performance improvements
  • Additional configuration options for controlling mail delivery
  • Separate bounce priority queueing for LISTSERV

L-Soft international is releasing and demonstrating LSMTP 1.1b in Booth #421 at the DMA net.marketing Conference and Exhibition being held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, March 1-2. The company is also sponsoring a daily contest at the show that will provide booth visitors with an opportunity to win a free LSMTP license, a free L-Soft LISTSERV license, or free list hosting service for a one year period.

LSMTP is currently available for Windows NT and OpenVMS, and will soon be available for Digital Unix and Solaris (SPARC).

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