LISTSERV® Software Enables Global Efforts to Continue by E-Mail

Mission of Global Meeting of Generations Conference to carry on indefinitely

Washington, DC (April 15, 1999) – Thanks to L-Soft international's donation of ListPlexSM list hosting services, the intergenerational dialogue which sprouted among the Global Meeting of Generations attendees need not stop just because the conference is over. The conference, held in Washington, DC, earlier this year, gathered approximately 1,700 attendees from all over the world. They came together and shared their experiences in furthering human development. International awareness was increased amongst different backgrounds and generations. Corporate contributors such as L-Soft international and Dell Computers worked alongside Peace Corps recruiters and United Nations representatives. Human-rights activist and former President Jimmy Carter, participated in the conference, as well as other renowned speakers.

L-Soft's technology will provide participants with a communication tool to keep in touch via e-mail, while capitalizing on the Web's convenience for enhanced discussions. Participants will be able to work together to meet their goals as a group, though they may be physically located continents away from each other. The Global Meeting of Generations has chosen L-Soft international's LISTSERV® e-mail list management software to facilitate this continuity of involvement. L-Soft's solutions are being used by GMG to create and administer large e-mail lists for discussion and announcement purposes. Topics for the lists include: National and Regional Dialogues, Common Futures Forum, and Global Meeting of Generations Visions. GMG plans to use these lists as a method of getting conference feedback and to make important announcements to thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes. The GMG e-lists will also be used to plan and organize the next conference, which is scheduled to be held in the year 2001.

"For many years I have believed that the international development community would benefit from advances in communication technology and our relationship with L-Soft illustrates this," says Robert Berg, Managing Partner of GMG and Chairman of the International Development Conference. He added, "Conference follow-up will be greatly strengthened by people remaining in touch by e-mail." Vice President of Marketing at L-Soft, Gabriela Linares, says, "We aim to provide a fast and reliable method of communication for GMG by hosting their lists on our ListPlex centrally maintained servers which run using our LISTSERV list manager and LSMTP® mail delivery software."

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