L-Soft Announces Release of LISTSERV® Version 1.8d

Latest Edition of the Industry's Premier E-Mail List Management Software Adds a Database Integration Facility, Mail-Merge Support, a Customizable Web Interface and Y2K Compliance

Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 1999) – L-Soft international, Inc., announced today the release of LISTSERV Version 1.8d, the latest edition of the industry's premier e-mail list management software. Originally introduced in 1986, LISTSERV was the first mailing list manager, and effectively defined the standard for the administration of electronic mailing lists. LISTSERV 1.8d adds to that heritage by offering a number of noteworthy new features that make it easier than ever to control and organize electronic mailing lists on corporate intranets and the Internet.

LISTSERV's new database integration facility allows organizations to use LISTSERV in conjunction with their central database for direct e-mail marketing campaigns. Customer demographic or sales history information stored in the database can then be arbitrarily selected for the creation of highly personalized and targeted messages. This feature is available through Microsoft's ODBC interface on Windows NT, and Oracle's OCI 8 interface with Windows NT, OpenVMS, AIX, Digital UNIX and Solaris (SPARC).

LISTSERV 1.8d also includes Mail-Merge support that enables users to deliver individually personalized messages to a large number of recipients with very high throughput. Mail-Merge operations can be conveniently composed on LISTSERV's Web Interface, and are best used in combination with the database integration facility.

LISTSERV 1.8d also features an enhanced customizable Web Interface that makes it incredibly easy to control and organize electronic mailing lists. With this versatile interface, List Subscribers can readily join, or leave lists, change their own delivery options, post new messages and review archived list messages. In addition, List Owners can easily manage their subscribers and modify list configurations, edit message templates, perform bulk add/delete operations, and customize the WWW look of their list. Site Administrators can also speedily create lists from customizable templates, establish the site-wide WWW appearance and initiate Database linked Mail-Merge mailings.

L-Soft international is releasing and demonstrating LISTSERV 1.8d in Booth #421 at the DMA net.marketing Conference and Exhibition being held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, March 1-2. The company is also sponsoring a daily contest at the show that will provide booth visitors with an opportunity to win free LISTSERV licenses, free L-Soft LSMTP licenses, or free list hosting services for a one year period.

LISTSERV is currently available for VM, VMS, Unix (10 brands), Windows NT and Windows 95/98.

About L-Soft

L-Soft international, Inc. is the premier provider of electronic mailing list and mail delivery solutions used on the Internet and intranets. With a growing demand for scalable e-mail communication solutions, L-Soft's innovative, Web-enabled technology offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for non-technical and expert users alike. Solutions range from high-performance software to custom list hosting services, providing large to small-scale alternatives for e-mail newsletters, discussion groups, or "mail merge" (targeted, customised messages prepared with the help of a database back-end). Launched in 1986, LISTSERV® delivers 30 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 120,000 LISTSERV lists worldwide.

Among L-Soft's clients are IBM, AOL, Intel, Microsoft, ZDNET, Compaq, AT&T, Netscape, MCI, Lucent Technologies, Charles Schwaab, CNET, Citicorp, Legg Mason, Dow Jones, NASA, United Nations, Sprint, Tribune Company, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The New York Times, IDG, CNN, USA Today, National Geographic, Lifetime Television, Disney Publishing, Time Warner, Women's Wire, Mecklermedia, MCA Records, Universal Studios, the majority of U.S. government departments and international universities.

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