NetPals Equals Endless Opportunities For Schools

Washington, DC (July 24, 1998) – L-Soft international, Inc., launches NetPals, a free mailing list service for the international school community. The introduction of NetPals complements the global efforts of connecting schools to the Internet and familiarizes the younger generation with modern tools of communication and information. L-Soft sponsors NetPals in the interest of promoting electronic interaction among teachers, students, parents and school staff of the primary and secondary school community. For detailed information please visit:

The NetPals mailing list solutions offer free list hosting services and free LISTSERV® Lite software licenses to primary and secondary schools. The NetPals hosting service provides educators and students with the ability to create electronic mailing lists hosted on L-Soft's centrally maintained servers. Alternatively, the free LISTSERV Lite licenses available through NetPals allow schools to install and maintain their own server.

Since the 1970s, mailing lists have been an effective means of communication for sustaining dynamic group discussions in higher education institutions. Colleges and universities currently use email discussion lists as an integral part of learning and research. Participants from all over the world benefit from this free flow of knowledge and information. NetPals now brings these same advantages to the primary and secondary school community around the world.

Through NetPals, schools can easily distribute announcements and other information to their staff, teachers and parents. Teachers may exchange opinions and share resources with other teachers. Students may hold discussions about specific education related topics. The possibilities are endless.

About L-Soft

L-Soft international, Inc., is the premier provider of electronic mailing list solutions for e-mail newsletters and discussion groups. With over twelve years of experience with mailing list software development, our offerings range from high-performance software to custom outsourcing solutions. L-Soft's flagship product, the LISTSERV® mailing list manager, is renowned for its flexibility, speed and time-tested robustness. LISTSERV's WWW interface makes it easy to manage lists, browse discussions or post messages over the web. Launched in 1986, LISTSERV delivers over 30 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 85,000 lists worldwide.

L-Soft currently provides solutions to AOL, Australian Information Industries Board, BBC, British Petroleum, CNN, Compaq, The Discovery Channel, IBM, Microsoft, The New York Times, Oxford University Press, all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Radio Netherlands International, Smithsonian Institute, United Nations, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and other internationally recognized organizations.

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