Get the Scoop on the World Cup – By Email

Washington, DC (June 12, 1998) – Kgoal, an electronic mail announcement service created just for the 1998 World Cup, will keep fans informed almost instantaneously about each and every goal made during the 64 championship games. You can subscribe through the Internet so that no matter where you are, you will be informed of the action through e-mail.

As each goal is scored, an e-mail message informing all the subscribers is immediately sent. Subscribing to Kgoal will alleviate obstacles due to time differences. Thanks to Kgoal, sport fans will be able to get up to the minute news of all the games even when they are at work.

Since the service is delivered by e-mail, it is extremely easy to use and requires no downloading and no hassles with plug-ins, Java or firewalls.

Key Network expects at least 100,000 subscribers within the first few days. Kgoal will be powered by LISTSERV® and LSMTP® products from L-Soft international, which deliver millions of e-mail messages every day. This service is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Danish.

So don't miss the best moments of the World Cup. Stay informed in a timely manner of each goal and follow the games as if you were there. Subscribe by visiting Kgoal's Web site.

Kgoal is exclusively financed by advertising sponsors. You can become a Kgoal sponsor and send your message out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and attract traffic to your site during the World Cup by going to Sponsors can choose to target their message to an English-speaking or international audience. There is also the option of advertising during one match or several matches, changing the message for each match if desirable.

About L-Soft

L-Soft international is the leader in providing electronic mailing list solutions. With over twelve years of experience with mailing list software development, L-Soft's solutions are reliable, fast and flexible. L-Soft's client list includes Agfa, America Online, AT&T, IBM, BBC, British Airways, British Petroleum, Compaq, IBM, MCI Communications, Netscape, the New York Times, the Pentagon, Ralph Lauren, Siemens, SUN Microsystems and the United Nations, among other internationally recognized organizations.

Key Network

Key Network is a French start-up that offers services to the virtual communities and is dedicated to developing electronic commerce. If you would like to offer the Kgoal service to the visitors of your Web site or to the subscribers of your mailing list, you can become a partner by signing up at

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