Electronic mailing lists provide support for cancer community worldwide

Washington, DC (April 13, 1998) – Electronic mailing lists present the opportunity for cancer patients, family members and the medical community to share experiences and keep abreast of new discoveries while receiving or giving guidance through this struggle. The largest collection of cancer related mailing lists on the Internet is that of the Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc. (ACOR). ACOR has successfully launched over 70 mailing lists that deliver more than 500,000 messages weekly across the globe.

These lists range from online support groups like PED-ONC, the Pediatric Oncology Online Support to highly specialized professional forums like GEN-ETHICS. These forums discuss issues related to current or future care of cancer patients. ACOR's lists have become a priceless resource for cancer patients and caregivers all over the world – especially in remote rural areas.

"It is well known that electronic mailing lists are the most economical and effective means of global communication and information exchange between large numbers of people," says Gilles Frydman, President of ACOR. "Many people are benefiting from these lists, especially subscribers with rare forms of cancer, as well as those living in rural communities where resources are scarce. One example is the 70 leiomyosarcoma patients that, for the first time, can communicate with world-class oncologists."

"In many cases, these lists are the only available support system and source of information. For this reason, timely and dependable delivery of messages is crucial," adds Frydman. ACOR's mailing lists are operated by L-Soft international, Inc., using the authentic LISTSERV® mailing list manager. "LISTSERV's solid reputation for handling mission critical mailing lists brought us to L-Soft. The proven performance and stability of L-Soft's technology and outsourcing services has no equivalent."

L-Soft administers all the technical aspects of ACOR's lists, making it easy for ACOR to create and manage electronic newsletters, announcement lists, conference planning and working group discussions. This arrangement lets ACOR concentrate its efforts on the contents while leaving technical issues to L-Soft's experienced staff – and to the power and flexibility of the LISTSERV product line. This combination offers a seamless outsourcing solution that guarantees ease of use, reliability and performance.

"We are pleased to contribute to ACOR's renowned collection of online resources," says Gabriela Linares, Marketing Associate at L-Soft. "Their mailing lists have become a model for medical online support groups and an essential communication tool in the fight against cancer. We hope that this service will demonstrate the potential of the Internet and electronic mailing lists, and bring a valuable support system within easier reach of people who otherwise could not access it."

The Association of Cancer Online Resources, a 501(c)(3) corporation founded in 1996, is an umbrella organization created and run by volunteers and currently regrouping the vast majority of the Cancer Online Support Groups. Started with the goal to foster free, timely and accurate information to cancer patients using the power of the Internet, ACOR is providing hosting services to a growing number of specialized Web sites created by professional organizations and patients alike. ACOR resources are also used to build a bridge between the informed patient community and healthcare professionals. ACOR is a founding member of the Internet Healthcare Coalition, dedicated to providing quality healthcare information over the Internet. Access http://www.acor.org for more information.

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