L-Soft releases LISTSERV® Lite

Washington, DC (May 20, 1997) – L-Soft international, Inc., has launched LISTSERV Lite, a new electronic mailing list manager that complements L-Soft's current high-end, industrial strength solutions. Based on the same time-tested code as the original LISTSERV (now known as LISTSERV Classic), LISTSERV Lite offers a solid but competitively, economically priced alternative for sites with moderate workloads, including a free version for non-commercial, non-profit use.

Designed to meet today's ever-growing needs for advanced group communication, LISTSERV Lite allows small companies to take advantage of the same sophisticated Internet and Intranet group communication technologies as their larger competitors, including LISTSERV's Web archive interface. For more information on LISTSERV Lite, its features and pricing, please visit the L-Soft Web site.

"LISTSERV Lite is an exciting new release for the Internet community," states John Karpovich, Senior Sales Manager at L-Soft. "It allows many companies, organizations and schools to continue to use an already efficient and accepted communication medium, email, but in a more group oriented, collaborative way. LISTSERV mailing lists have been utilizing the 'push' model of dissemination for over 10 years now, and the increased acceptance of new technologies such as HTML mail only expands the realm of its applications. LISTSERV Lite now makes this flexibility available to the masses."

650 LISTSERV Lite lists are already in operation, with a total membership of over 30,000 users. LISTSERV Lite is available for Windows NT, Windows 95, 10 major unix brands and OpenVMS. LISTSERV Classic supports the same systems, plus IBM mainframes. There are currently over 58,000 LISTSERV lists with a total membership of 13.2 million users and 22 million messages delivered on a typical workday (these numbers do not include Intranet sites).

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