LISTSERV® list breaks half-million subscriber mark

C|NET Digital Dispatch holds new Internet record

Washington, DC (September 13, 1996) – L-Soft international, Inc., announces that the largest LISTSERV® list in Internet history has crossed the half-million subscriber mark. The C|NET Digital Dispatch, an e-mail newsletter used to promote C|NET's television show and Web site, is distributed using L-Soft's LISTSERV® and LSMTP® products.

C|NET started using LISTSERV and LSMTP in tandem about 6 months ago, cutting delivery times in 8 compared to the sendmail solution that was used at the time. The increased delivery rates allowed the C|NET Digital Dispatch to nearly double in size over the 6 month period, without any operational worries. In addition, production costs were slashed by an estimated $100,000.

The C|NET Digital Dispatch list co-exists with 35 other C|NET lists on a Windows NT server. The total number of subscribers at the site as of September 10th, 1996 was over 985,000 (for all 36 lists). Typically, 98% of the C|NET Digital Dispatch subscribers receive their copy in less than 1.5 hours.

L-Soft international, Inc., develops and licenses the original (Eric Thomas) LISTSERV® mailing list management software, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. LSMTP and LISTSERV have been designed to work in tandem, allowing mailing lists and mail delivery to run on the same Windows NT server. LISTSERV delivers 10-12 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 31,000 LISTSERV lists worldwide.

C|NET: The Computer Network is a media company which integrates television programming with a network of sites on the World Wide Web, and with Internet mailing lists. C|NET provides authoritative information on computers, the Internet and digital technologies. C|NET's Web sites combine breakthrough interactive technology with engaging content and design. The company currently produces four television series, including C|NET Central, The Web and The New Edge, which are broadcast by USA Network and the Sci-Fi Channel to more than 68 million households nationwide. Please note that the membership list for C|NET's electronic mailing lists, including the Digital Dispatch, is not for sale.

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