L-Soft's mailing list giveaway starts with 100 lists for a better world

Washington, DC (July 17, 1996) – On June 30, 1996, L-Soft international, Inc., announced a $1 million giveaway to celebrate the 10th anniversary of LISTSERV®, the first mailing list management program in the history of networking (LISTSERV was introduced in 1986, Majordomo in 1992). The prizes will include free LISTSERV licenses, free LISTSERV mailing lists, a global 24-hour party (coming in September), commemorativet-shirts, and more. See www.lsoft.com for more details, including information on how to register to win anniversary prizes.

Today, L-Soft announced that the first theme in its mailing list giveaway campaign will be "100 lists for a better world". 100 EASE Home mailing lists have been earmarked for the top proposals received for each of the following categories:

10 lists for the Environment

10 lists for the 'Net

10 lists for Endangered Species

10 lists for the Arts

10 lists for the Future

10 lists for Education

10 lists for Imagination

10 lists for Humanity

10 lists for Health

10 lists for the Common Good

A thorough explanation of each of these categories, including submission guidelines and recommendations, can be found on L-Soft's Web site.

"Internet mailing lists have been vital to university and research communities for years," says L-Soft's Communication and Marketing Coordinator Susan Lowell, "I'm hoping that these 100 lists for a better world will raise awareness and spur discovery in hundreds of innovative ways."

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