AIESEC receives L-Soft award for Internet innovation

Washington, DC (December 25, 1995) – L-Soft international, Inc. continues its Awards for Student Internet Innovation program with a donation to AIESEC valued at over $8,000. AIESEC's mission is to promote peace and further worldwide understanding through international student internships. These internships make it possible for students to work overseas in their chosen field, simultaneously gaining meaningful work experience as well as exposure to a new culture. The award includes an unlimited capacity license for L-Soft's LISTSERV® product, the Internet's premier mailing list management software.

"AIESEC will use LISTSERV to improve communication among over 800 chapters in 85 countries. We depend upon electronic mail to foster an ongoing dialog between our members. LISTSERV will allow us to streamline this process," says Adrian Bye, National Information Systems Team Leader for the US division of AIESEC. "By participating in project-based lists, exchange program students can compare notes and discuss their experiences with their peers in other countries."

A dedicated list will be created for participants in the Women's Entrepreneurship Program, a project which brings young women from developing countries to work in corporations run or owned by women. The program gives them someone to look to for inspiration while nurturing their entrepreneurial skills. The list will be a forum where these women can exchange entrepreneurial insight and field their own developing business ideas.

"This is exactly the kind of Internet innovation we're looking for," says L-Soft's Susan Lowell. "These students are using the Internet to run a large part of their organization. I think it's an exciting example for other multi-national organizations that are beginning to take advantage of the Internet. This is a very cost-effective way to improve communication among people in different geographical locations".

AIESEC will start out with about 100 lists and expects to run as many as 900. "Eventually, we'd like every local chapter in the US to have its own LISTSERV server", says Bye. "It would allow us to have mailing lists in very specific areas, such as for technology students considering internships in Brazil."

LISTSERV® delivers 10-12 million messages on an average weekday to the subscribers of over 26,000 LISTSERV lists worldwide. To find a LISTSERV list of interest, visit CataList where you can do a keyword search for lists from the worldwide catalog of LISTSERV lists.

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