Subscribers who use Outlook are encountering an issue where the unsubscribe link placed at the end of messages by default is being "clicked" when you click anywhere in the email, including in any white space following the end of the message text.  This ends up unsubscribing the user rather than simply allowing them to set the focus inside the text and scroll or highlight text for copying.

This can also be a problem for moderators who try to click inside the message to set focus and scroll -- instead they wind up accidentally approving the message, even if they didn't intend to!

L-Soft has determined that this is most likely due to a bug in Outlook.  For some reason, if a URI in a plaintext message appears at the very end of the message, Outlook's automatic link creation feature somehow determines that the entire text of the message is part of the link.

The fix for the first problem is to add a blank line between the &WA_URL;?SUBED1=&LISTNAME_ENCODED&A=1 link and the .EB conditional following it, at the bottom of the BOTTOM_BANNER mail template.

The fix for the second problem is to add a blank line following the &OK_URL variable in the MSG_POSTING_CONFIRM_EDITOR mail template.

Any other template where this problem exists can be fixed the same way, by simply adding a blank line at the end of the generated content.

Future versions (post-16.5) of the default template files will take this problem into account.