Case Studies: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Email can be a powerful outreach tool for museums and other public institutions. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, employs monthly HTML newsletters to members pulled from an SQL database. At present, the museum is sending approximately 25,000 email messages on the first of each month and report a 30 percent open-up rate and 15-20 percent click-through rate.

"L-Soft's products perform exactly as advertised. They are simple, powerful tools for distributing lots of email fast and keeping our lists clean. We have been able to survive with a very affordable license."

In addition, the Museum sends a general email newsletter to about 100,000 subscribers who also generate a 30 percent open-up along with a 10 percent click-through rate.

"In the future we want to implement LISTSERV Maestro to take advantage of its more sophisticated reporting and tracking capabilities," says Phil Getchell, who manages the growth and development of the MFA's internal and external Web sites. He has also led the MFA into successfully selling its extensive catalog of art-inspired products on the Web. "Before L-Soft we used multiple Web-based tools, but they were either too expensive, or did not offer the features and reliability we needed. As a non-profit institution, we value that LISTSERV and LSMTP are both reliable and affordable. At the same time, the L-Soft folks are friendly, helpful, and know the products well. We are satisfied customers, convinced we made the right choice."

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Screenshots

Case study written in August 2004 with the help of Phil Getchell, Webmaster, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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