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Make it easy for your audiences to subscribe, unsubscribe and change their preferences

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How Does the Course Work?

  • In this 12-week course, you'll learn all you need to know to create any type of email list and manage your LISTSERV communications.
  • You'll delve into knowledge in three distinct modules, from the vantage point of subscribers, list owners and site administrators.
  • Each week, you'll receive a short email with a link to a group of short tutorial videos on key tasks and topics.
  • You can complete each weekly segment in 15 minutes or less, so even the busiest professional can participate.

Sample Certificate

What's the Outcome of the Course?

  • After completing each of the three modules, you'll receive a module-specific certificate.
  • Upon completion of all modules, you'll receive a Learn LISTSERV course diploma to share with your colleagues, post to your LinkedIn page and include on your resume.


  • LISTSERV is the original email list management software, in constant development for 35 years and counting, and helps organizations like yours communicate with their audiences.
  • LISTSERV is known for its reliablity, scalability and security and is the trusted choice of education, government, corporate and non-profit customers around the globe.
  • LISTSERV connects people, communities, ideas, projects, grows networks and relationships..