New in LISTSERV 14.5

LISTSERV 14.5 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 16.0.

LISTSERV 14.5 Highlights

Deliverability Assessment
LISTSERV 14.5 introduces a new deliverability assessment, which analyzes LISTSERV and DNS configurations, giving site administrators concrete suggestions on improving deliverability. The assessment includes DomainKeys, SPF, Sender ID and other DNS tests.

DomainKeys Support
LISTSERV now supports DomainKeys, which is a cryptographic authentication solution that adds signatures to email messages, allowing recipient sites to verify that the message was sent by an authorized sender and was not altered in transit.

UnixODBC Support
LISTSERV for Unix now supports MySQL databases accessed via unixODBC.

For more details, see the LISTSERV 14.5 Release Notes:

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