ListPlex Maestro Feature Checklist

Campaign and Job Management

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Basic and Advanced User Interface Modes Yes
Drag-and-Drop Job Management Yes
Team Collaboration Yes
Job Due Dates Yes
Job Journal Yes
Automatic Bounce Handling Yes
Anytime Scheduling Yes
Auto-Repeat Jobs Yes
A/B-Split Testing Yes
Follow-Up Messaging Yes

Recipient Definition

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Internal Recipient Warehouse Yes 1
External Recipient Database Yes 2
Target Groups and List Segmentation Yes 1
LISTSERV List Compatibility Yes 1
Customizable Subscriber Pages Yes 1
Direct Spreadsheet Import Yes
List Protection Yes 1
Suppression Lists Yes

1 With ListPlex Maestro Data Hosting
2 With LISTSERV Maestro In-House Installation

Content Development

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HTML, Text and MIME Support Yes
Personalization Yes
Conditional Blocks Yes
HTML Newsletter Templates Yes
Visual HTML Editor Yes
Flexible Image Handling Yes
Message Preview and Testing Yes
Social Media Publishing Yes
Social Media Sharing Yes
Drop-in Content Yes
System Drop-in Content Yes
Attachment Support Yes
International Character Set Support Yes
Customizable Mail Headers Yes
Easy Compliance with Anti-Spam Regulations Yes

Reporting and Analytics

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Open-Up Tracking Yes
Click-Through Tracking Yes
Form-Submit Tracking Yes
Forward-to-a-Friend Tracking Yes 1
Action Tracking Yes
Social Media Tracking Yes 1
Four Levels of Tracking Yes
Tracking Permission Yes 1
Automatically Generated Reports Yes
Click-Rate Visualization Yes
Bounce Reports Yes
Job Comparison Reports Yes
Subscription Reports Yes
Demographic Reports Yes 1
PDF Reports Yes
Spreadsheet Reports Yes
Statistical Software Compatibility Yes
Web Analysis Software Compatibility Yes
Customizable Tracking URLs Yes

1 With ListPlex Maestro Data Hosting

Administration and Security

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Integrated Virus Protection Yes
Internal Recipient Warehouse Yes 1
External Database Access Yes 2
DomainKeys Support Yes
Password-Protected Interface Yes
Access Restriction by FQDN Yes
HTTPS Support Yes 3
HTTP(S) API With Secured Access Yes 3

1 With ListPlex Maestro Data Hosting
2 With LISTSERV Maestro In-House Installation
3 Customer pays for SSL certificate

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