ListPlex® Email List Hosting Service

For email newsletters, announcement lists, discussion groups and email communities


ListPlex email list hosting gives you the power of LISTSERV® in the cloud and allows you to host your email newsletters, announcement lists and discussion groups at one of L-Soft's state-of-the-art data centers under your own virtual domain name. With the Maestro Add-On, ListPlex becomes a complete cloud-based opt-in email marketing and analytics solution.


Email the smart way

with the ListPlex email list hosting service

• Enjoy the power of LISTSERV in the cloud

• Run your lists under your own domain name

• Communicate using industry best practices




ListPlex is quick to set up, with minimal up-front costs, and provides you with a dedicated email list hosting instance with your own virtual domain name. With ListPlex, you always have access to the latest LISTSERV features in a hosted service. You can administer and control your email lists from anywhere using a web browser.

Why ListPlex?


Reach and engage your subscribers in the most cost-effective way. ListPlex allows you to use the industry-pioneering LISTSERV® software without the internal IT infrastructure and staffing requirements of a licensed solution. Instead, L-Soft's experienced support engineers will ensure the smooth operation of your lists and delivery of your messages.


Get your email lists running quickly and easily. With ListPlex, you don't have to spend time learning how to administer email lists. The service enables you to create email newsletters, announcement lists and discussion groups with a minimal learning curve, ensuring a hassle-free hosting experience.


Enjoy the broad benefits and results that email lists provide. A large number of lists can be created to suit many different needs, including a mix of public and private lists. The customization capabilities of ListPlex enable a seamless connection with any existing brand or web presence, strengthening your subscriber relationships.


Make the most of your email list initiatives with L-Soft's high-performance hosting servers, engineered for maximum uptime, reliability and scalability. The service is ideal for small and large email lists alike. There is no workload, no matter how unusual or demanding, that ListPlex cannot handle.


Rest assured that the password-protected interface keeps your dedicated email list hosting system completely secure and accessible only by you and your team. In addition, ListPlex is the only service of its kind with built-in virus protection, offering another layer of email list and subscriber inbox protection.

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