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EASE Home Order Form

Do not provide your credit card number or any other billing information on this form. You will be contacted by a sales representative to arrange payment. We accept payment by credit card (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard) or by U.S. check. Residents of the state of Maryland will be charged applicable sales tax.

1. List Name and Title

The list name should be descriptive but specific. Note that the list name is the only parameter that you cannot change by yourself once the list is created, so choose it carefully. We have to charge $20 to change the name of an existing mailing list.

List Name


The list title should be a short (60-80 chararacters) description of the purpose of the list. Choosing a good title is important since this will be shown in every email message coming from the list.

List Title

The coffee lovers' list
The works of Jack Pianist

The list description should be detailed enough to make it clear to any prospective subscriber what the list is about. You should try not to exceed four to five lines.

List Description

This list is for coffee aficionados and is a forum to discuss different types of beans, roasting techniques, coffee grinders, espresso machines and anything else related to coffee.

2. List Archive Options

LISTSERV can automatically archive the messages posted to the list. The basic hosting charge includes 100MB of disk space for the list archives. If you need additional space, please contact us for details.

Enable List Archives

3. List Security and Membership Control Options

LISTSERV gives you full control over the security of your list. Only the most commonly used options are listed below. You can fine-tune your list configuration once the list has been created.

Who Can Subscribe to the List?

Who Can Post to the List?

Should the Existence of the List Be Confidential?

4. Contact Details


Email Address

Phone Number

5. List Size

Please select the size of your list. If you are not sure, just select the entry that reads "QUOTE" and submit the form. A sales representative will contact you to discuss your needs.

Number of Subscribers

Setup Charge

The reduced $5 setup charge is available if you have an existing list header in LISTSERV® format, or if you agree to prepare one yourself. In that case, we will create the list with a minimal header and you will be in charge of configuring it yourself.

Note that these prices only cover the creation of the list. If you need assistance with importing subscribers from a database program, L-Soft can provide this service at an additional fee.

Certain extra and optional services may result in additional charges. These extra-charge services may include exceeding the daily message quota of 100 messages/day, importation of an existing list from another site, importation of existing archives from another site, custom programming, etc. We will be glad to offer a quote on these optional, extra services in advance.

6. Submit Order

When you press the "Submit Order" button, the following will happen:

  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email message confirming the receipt of your order.
  • You will then be contacted by a sales representative within one business day either by phone or email to arrange payment of the first quarter's fees.
  • Once payment has cleared, you can expect your list to be created within 24 hours.

Submitting this form does not constitute a binding commitment to purchase an EASE Home list. You may cancel your order at any time prior to the actual payment of the first quarter's fees.

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