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LISTSERV® lists by host country

Clicking on the name of a country will bring up a list of all the lists hosted in that country.
?? (78 lists)
Australia (1,955 lists)
Austria (12 lists)
Belgium (947 lists)
Canada (1,531 lists)
Czech Republic (10 lists)
EU (3 lists)
Finland (331 lists)
France (1,063 lists)
Germany (189 lists)
Ireland (248 lists)
Israel (291 lists)
Italy (32 lists)
Jersey (3 lists)
Malaysia (2 lists)
Netherlands (613 lists)
New Zealand (15 lists)
Norway (25 lists)
Portugal (6 lists)
Qatar (9 lists)
Spain (545 lists)
Sweden (46 lists)
United Kingdom (10 lists)
United States (41,813 lists)
Vanuatu (2 lists)

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