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For each item that you purchase from L-Soft Direct, you may be eligible for a "perk", in most cases, a license upgrade. If you purchase a new perpetual license, it will be upgraded in perpetuity. A new time-limited license will be upgraded for its duration, and the purchase of a maintenance plan will upgrade your base license for the duration of your maintenance plan.

Product or Service Purchased



Archive searches enabled


LISTSERV Maestro One (10,000 deliveries per month)

You can receive up to one perk for each item in your order. Anything that we give you for free, for any reasons, will be ineligible. Anything that is discounted through a campaign or promotion other than the normal L-Soft Direct discount will usually be ineligible. All perks and the present rules are subject to change without notice. We will, of course, confirm your perk when you place your order.

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